Create Simple, Meaningful Gifts this Season

Posted: December 7, 2017 | By: Lisa E

Have it Your Way with Heritage Makers as You Create Simple, Meaningful Gifts this Season

When I am going to make a digital gift or card I like the freedom of doing it my way. That is what I love about using Heritage Makers studio. Heritage Makers online studio allows me to be creative with the most digital art available to use for free. New art collections are added monthly. It is a creator’s dream!

Check out the new collections that were added this month, shown in this short video! Look at these recently-added new templates.

Holiday cards can be customized to be exactly what you need. You can start with a template and make any changes to colors, papers, embellishments, photos, and text. I love starting with a template and then making it my own with a few changes.

Here is the one I just finished. I customized the back to add things we learned this year.

This is one I did a few years ago that is a die-cut that can be used to hang on the tree. Christmas gift giving is fun to create and so very special. Let your photos do the talking. When I see an old photo that I feel needs to be celebrated I make something in Heritage Makers. Just check out this canvas I made for my brother using an old family photo of us on Santa’s knee (I made one for him, one for me).

A special 12 x 12 canvas I bring out every year to remember Christmas past.

I also love to design holiday ornaments (on sale 20% off through Dec 26th) to celebrate special people or events from the year. A great way to remember what was special that year.

I like to use the Holiday Nifty Gifty kit to wrap my ornament gifts in.

The ornaments are of highest quality and will last year after year. Think of how special it will be to look at all the photo ornaments through the years. I especially love this template that celebrates the life of  someone who has passed away. (Template: 92870 by Anna Gehmlich Bates). Or a great way to remember a beloved pet who passed away.

Just look at these custom ornaments perfect for a child who left for college in another state or serving a mission.

Tip: I often download photos off Facebook to create ornaments for friends who had a new baby or were recently married.

Whatever photo you wish to celebrate or whatever story you want to preserve you can do it your exactly your way with Heritage Makers online studio.

– Candy May

Ambassador for Heritage Makers

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