Distributor Spotlight: Amy Smith

Posted: June 5, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos

Amy Smith  joined Youngevity from our BeneYou/Jamberry acquisition and hit the ground running. We saw her leadership shine when she had 137 people from her organization qualify for Team Challenge – with almost 1,000 new enrollments (including 13 herself!). Now she’s leading the way in the Winback Promotion with 10 personal Winbacks and hundreds more on her team. Amy is a true rock star in Youngevity and we are so excited for you to get to know her.

Here are her inspiring answers to some questions we asked:

Looking back, what tip(s) would you give yourself now that you’ve had success? 

Take time to live in the moment and enjoy successes, big and small. I’m quick to set big goals and not always enjoy the milestones along the way.

What’s the best business or leadership advice you ever received?

The best business advice that I received was to stay focused on your goals.  “Starve your distractions and feed your focus.”  With so much of our business being online it is easy to get sidetracked and pulled into non-income generating activities.  You must remain disciplined and remind yourself why you do this and what your desired outcomes are.

What is your “why” – your reason for working so hard every day in your business? 

My “why” has evolved several times since I started my business. I first joined for nothing more than getting a discount on fun nail products and the desire to reduce the amount of money I was spending having my nails done. I quickly realized there was so much more to the business than simply receiving discounted product. My current “why” is the passion I have for helping others start and build a home-based business that can provide something as small as earning extra spending money or helping cover monthly expenses, to being able to work from home and generate full-time income.

What is the most gratifying part of owning your own business?

The freedom and flexibility of being my own boss and setting my work schedule is the most gratifying part of owning a business. We have two young children and knowing I’m able to volunteer at their school, attend their practices and events, and for the most part always be home with them is invaluable. We enjoy spending time in Florida and owning this type of business allows me to travel for weeks or months at a time and work from anywhere. It is something I never want to give up!

Why do you think your teams have done so well in Youngevity’s promotions?

Our teams do well with the Youngevity promotions because as leaders we put focus on promoting, executing, tracking and recognizing our team members’ performance against the promotions.  Our teams love to have an incentive to work towards and we love the swag and recognition that comes with it!

What’s a leadership mistake you made that you learned from?

I think one of the biggest leadership mistakes I made was always trying to take on everything and not always asking for help. I would stretch myself super thin because I was never able to say no or delegate tasks to others who offered to help.

 If someone has doubts about their ability to build a home-based business, what advice would you give them? 

I have watched all kinds of people be successful in this business. There is no one size fits all approach or specific education or experience needed to get started. People who have a desire to want to work the business and the drive to make that happen for themselves and their family will find a way to stay consistent and continually take the necessary steps to build and grow.



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