Distributor Spotlight: Dr. Harold Davis

Posted: August 24, 2020 | By: Youngevity

As reigning 2019 Trainer of the Year, Dr. Harold Davis has shown extraordinary dedication—in terms of training and communication—to Youngevity field organizations regardless of downline affiliation. Keep reading to learn more about what inspires him, and learn some important tips to remember while pursuing your goals and dreams.

How long have you been involved with direct sales/network marketing? 

I have been successfully involved in the network marketing industry for over 28 years. I chose network marketing as my vehicle after spending 10 successful years as a computer systems specialist. I was looking for something to help me have more time freedom with my family, and a life making a difference in the lives of others. Because of Network Marketing, I was able to retire from a 20-year career in 1996 to pursue a more meaningful career as a holistic life and health coach.

What’s the biggest lesson this business has taught you?

This business has taught me how to build people. I discovered that most people have a desire to live an extraordinary life, and that the one thing that prevents most people from realizing their highest potential is not having money, time freedom, and health all at the same time.

Some people have money but very little time freedom, and some people have time-freedom but very little money. Some people have money and time-freedom but have sacrificed their health to receive it. I discovered that the key to realizing our highest potential is to have money, time-freedom, and good health all at the same time.

Because of this lesson, I was able to pursue my true purpose in life and help others achieve the same. This business is personal (life) development disguised as a business.

You were (and still probably are!) a world class track athlete.

As a world-class track & field athlete in college and a two-time all-American track athlete at the master’s level in 400-meters. I learned how to set goals, make adjustments along the way as needed, until I reached my desired outcome in my events. No matter what it is you want to achieve in your life and business you must focus on the process to achieve the result that you want to experience.

You were part of ACT and joined into Youngevity. How important is it to be able to adapt to change in this business?

It is important to be flexible when we are pursuing our goals and dreams. The path that we all are traveling together with Youngevity is an unbeaten path. We are creating our future, step by step, and there will always be peaks, valleys, and turns along the way. If we believe in the vision and mission of Youngevity, we should stay the course. I believe in Steve and Michelle Wallach and Youngevity’s leadership team, this is why I have stayed on the journey.

For someone who is just getting started with Youngevity and wants to build impactful income†, what’s your best advice?

My best advice would be to use the right business principles that are taught by those who are getting the results you want to experience. Once you understand those principles, use the following formula to guide your actions:  No activity, no results… a little activity, a little results… a lot of activity, a lot of results.

As the reigning Trainer of the Year, what tips do you have for people to grow their leadership and income?

It was an honor to be Youngevity’s 2019 trainer of the year. If I could offer advice that would make the biggest difference in building your Youngevity business, I would tell you to be the First Circle. You should personally do the simple activity that you would want every member of your team to perform every day.  This simple activity – a pattern of duplication – if followed, would empower your team to improve their health and wellness, improve their economic situation, and free up their time without giving up a lot of their money or time. You must make sure each of your team members become their own First Circle, following your good example.

Can you share one source of inspiration that you use that others can tap into? (book, podcast, website, etc.)

I would like to share a book that I published this year on Amazon. It will inspire and empower you to create an extraordinary life, using a one-page play book and using Youngevity.

How To Use The Blue Ocean Strategy Of The One Year Plan To Create An Extraordinary Life Using The Awesome Power Of The Right Type Of Home Based Business – Harold Davis, Msc.D, Ph.D

“If we have faith the size of a grain of sand, we could move the stars with our words, thoughts, feeling, and actions” Dr. Harold Davis


Way to go, Dr. Davis! If you know of someone that deserves the spotlight (maybe you?), please email: [email protected]


†Income disclaimer: Youngevity prohibits its distributors from making income earning claims in association with the promotion of Youngevity business opportunities. Whether an individual who becomes a Youngevity distributor will earn more than he or she pays for the business opportunity depends on multiple independent and dependent variables that are impossible to predict, such as economic factors unique to each location where product sales are attempted and the sales talents of each individual distributor.


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