From Trials to Transformation – Success Stories

Posted: November 10, 2021 | By: Stacy Croninger

Flor and Alvaro Fernandez had no idea how much their lives would change when they were introduced to Youngevity six years ago. At the time, Flor was physically unwell, and on the brink of being put on dialysis. She and Alvaro feared that their marriage would not last, as stress associated with work and finances consumed them. Once they were introduced to the person who would become their mentor, Nellie Osuna, they began to see an immediate change for the better.

Nellie introduced them to the power of 90 For Life™-the 90 essential nutrients we all need to live a longer, healthier life. She shared the message that Dr. Wallach has been championing for decades. Flor feels strongly that the Youngevity community, as well as the products, are what has helped her most through her own health journey. From their early experiences building their foundational health through the 90 Essential Nutrients to continuing to support their own health and the health of those around them with complimentary immunity support products, they have never stopped being a product of the product.

When it came time for them to share their message of health, to share their story, Nellie’s inspiration was priceless. “Nellie was somebody who taught us not to be afraid. She told us, ‘Jump. Don’t worry if it’s going to end badly, because the fear is always going to try to stop you.’” It was a leap of faith for Flor and Alvaro. Flor credits Nellie with giving her the confidence to learn more of the Spanish language, as she had come from a small village near Oaxaca and spoke one of twenty-nine different dialects specific to that region of Mexico. “[Nellie] told me that when I speak, it was hard to understand me, so how was I going to get my message out there? I needed to be prepared.”

From there, Flor and her husband Alvaro, felt they were on a mission to share their testimony about the power of Youngevity. Flor began to share her testimony with anyone that would listen regarding her health transformation. They began hosting home presentations – inviting others by sharing flyers or posting them on streets. They also met with people one-on-one, so that they could share more about the products and training. They made it a point to always follow-up and stay connected, something they found to be vital to their success. “Because of their dedication,” Flor says, “It has been a complete transformation.” She continues, “Thanks to the mentors that God has put in our path…Youngevity has helped us so much. Youngevity gives you time, it gives you health, it gives you income. I am Youngevity. I will always be Youngevity.”

Flor and Alvaro also credit Dr. Luis Arriaza with helping them forge a path to success from the very beginning. During COVID and the subsequent lockdown, Dr. Arriaza continued to show unwavering support. “He was there every week and did not let us down,” Alvaro says. “He would Zoom with us and give us training mentorship to stay strong.”

Because of the financial growth the Fernandez’s have attained through Youngevity, they are able to set their sights on a more personal goal, bringing Flor’s son to America. “It has been 25 years of heartache, but because of Youngevity and the opportunities it has afforded me, I’m able to get all of the papers needed to bring my son to America. I never thought this would be possible.” She continues, “I’m also able to send financial help to my family in Oaxaca. I have found that with Youngevity, everything is possible.”

The Fernandez’s conclude with a final thought, which is helpful to anyone just getting started in this business: “Just don’t stop. Many people stop who don’t believe in themselves. You must believe in yourself to continue to move forward.” And with that, they believe, you too can succeed.

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