Fun with Facebook Avatars and Bits

Posted: May 27, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

And just like that we’re all making our new Facebook Avatars.

Mine could use a haircut. LOL

I’ve been using Bitmoji’s for the past several years and love using them in my photo projects. I’m excited to create and save these new Facebook Avatar images too.

Have you tried it?

Here are a few FUN ways to use them:

  • Profile picture on Social Media
  • Upload as your zoom profile
  • Add them to your email communication
  • Use them in PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, and the best…

Create personalized CARDS & ADDRESS LABELS in your digital account at Snap2Finish and/or Heritage Makers.

Recently, I was having a fast and furious text conversation with my friend, Kim Etzel, and she shared the fun Graduation card and labels she had been creating with her Bits.

It all starts with creating and saving your Bitmoji images (or FB Avatar images).

Look at all the fun that Kim has created.

Next up, Kim UPLOADED her images into her digital account. Tip: create a separate album to organize all your Bits so you can find them easily.

Look at this FABULOUS Graduation card that she created! Thanks Kim for sharing your special Graduation card with all of us. I know this graduate will feel very special and loved.

Kim also created some fun Large Address labels and Regular Address labels.

Won’t her envelopes look festive!

One last tip. You can even create Bitmoji’s with a FRIEND. Just get connected through SnapChat. Remember to change your outfit often and have fun!

Thanks again, Kim!!

You da BEST!

Have fun celebrating the SNAP!

Helen Watt
Snap2Finish Brand Champion



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