Gift Giving Ideas from YGY Photo Ambassadors

Posted: June 15, 2018 | By: Stacy Croninger

We asked each of the Youngevity Photo Ambassadors to tell us a gift they would give for either a graduation, wedding, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. Their ideas were spot on and the meaning behind the gifts are so worth reading. Each gift idea is featured in the Spring Mini Catalog with a quick statement from the Ambassador, but they had much more to say that we knew you’d want to read.

Rhonda Anderson

Recently my niece Chloe graduated with a Master’s degree in Speech Therapy. Her proud father (my brother) is beaming with pride as we snapped this photo of the two of them. To sufficiently commemorate this monumental achievement I created a double page spread of not only the photos but some of Chloe’s thoughts for her future. Here are a few of the questions I used to help create the journaling for the double-page spread. I have included a list of the album supplies I used as well.

  • When did you officially start college?
  • How long did it take to obtain your Master’s degree?
  • Where did you attend college and grad school?
  • What was one of the biggest obstacles you overcame in order to complete your degree?
  • What are your plans for the immediate and long-term future?
  • What is a prayer request you have for your future?

These are just a few questions that really helped me create a meaningful celebration memory of Chloe’s huge accomplishment. Whatever graduation is happening in your family – kindergarten, 8th grade, high school, college, etc. the occasion deserves to be celebrated and remembered. I hope these ideas help you.

Sharon Murdoch-Gibb

Recently, I attended a wedding of a dear friend. After their honeymoon, I was present for the unwrapping of their gifts. As the bride opened each gift, she would pass it along to the bridal party for a better look. The groom being the first in line to receive the opened gift would either pass it forward of merely place it behind his chair. I wondered what criteria he used in making the selection. Then I heard him whisper to the bride, “Its another toaster, now we have three.” You could tell the group was getting bored as the last gift, a rectangular object wrapped in wedding paper appeared.

As the paper floated to the floor along with its card, the room became suddenly quiet. The bride quickly turned the object around to face her. Everyone waited. Tears flowed from her eyes as she recalled just a week ago that this was her wedding day. Nothing was more precious to her than that memory. As she and her husband hugged each other to the applaud of the group, she picked up the card and hugged it to her chest. She would always treasure this special wedding gift and always recall its thoughtful sender.

Regarding the canvas shown: Jared and Lindsy Barton are both Youngevity employees of the Utah office. Using Heritage Makers, we developed a 16 x 20 canvas of their wedding day. We did not use a template from the gallery, but rather downloaded the photo she loved, selected the Great Vibes font, placed a border on the photo and then used a wedding paper sample from the creative section. Once we selected the photo and background paper, it was less than five minutes to publish. I am certain this is one wedding gift they will not return!

Lisa Bearnson

Mother’s Day

My favorite gifts are those from the heart. Several years ago, my daughter gave me a jar filled with rolled up papers. The papers contained qualities or attributes my family liked about me. I’ve kept them over the years and they still buoy me up during hard moments. A friend also gave me a jar filled with 365 quotes—one for each day of the year. I’ve cherished this gift and love the quotes. In fact, I recently randomly selected this one and it was exactly what I needed that day!

“Too often we fail to see the glorious reality of the simple joy that abounds in the seemingly mundane routine of day-to-day living. Instead, we tend to idolize the past, idealize the future, and devalue the present. What better way to show our appreciation to God for what we have then to embrace our lives, albeit ‘ordinary’ and ‘unexciting,’ with joy?” Winnie Dalley

Father’s Day

It was always tough to know what to get my dad on Father’s Day. It’s not like he had everything, but as he got older, his life became so much simpler. I realized what he really wanted was time with me. So, I started the yearly “coupon” book. I’d include a gift card to his favorite fast-food joint (Arby’s) and then “coupons” for things we could do together (a drive in the canyon, eating ice cream at the park, etc.). The coupon books became so popular that I also gave them for birthdays and Christmas too. Now that my dad is no longer here, I’m so grateful for the coupon books over the years that created invaluable memories that I will always cherish.

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