Heritage Makers Accounts, Club, and Premier – 2019

Posted: July 9, 2019 | By: Stacy Croninger

Jennifer Wise, a Heritage Makers distributor, put together the following information regarding Heritage Makers accounts, club, and premier and understanding how the changes in customer roles affects Heritage Makers.

You might use Heritage Makers for memory-keeping, family stories & family history, family yearbooks for everyday photos, personal storybooks & tributes, digital scrapbooking, unique and priceless gifts, meaningful home décor, crafting with individual scrap pages, or coordinating event invitations and favors.

So let’s learn about the types of accounts and savings available.

What’s New in 2019

  • For several years now, Heritage Makers has offered two types of accounts: Basic and Premier (or Club).
  • In 2013, Heritage Makers was acquired by a wellness company, Youngevity, as the first of their brands providing wellness for the heart and soul!
  • Merging of styles, lingo, pricing, etc.—inherent with different companies—has happened gradually over the years. Now Heritage Makers, a YGY Photo brand, has new types of accounts and pricing options that will apply to all new accounts opened June 2019 and after. So today we will look at all the possibilities!
  • When you click “sign up” to open a Heritage Makers account, you will now be redirected to the Youngevity sign up page. Don’t panic—you are where you want to be.

If You Already Have an Account (or Club), Stay Tuned

  • If you already have a Heritage Makers account that you opened before June 2019 (and a few during early June 2019), you obviously don’t need to know information about new accounts.  However, the types of accounts have changed, so some of the information I share today is still applicable to you.
  • If you are a current Photo Club (formerly Club HM) member and have been since before June 2019, nothing changes for you while your Club membership continues. However, if you stop your renewing Photo Club membership and wish to join Photo Club again, these new account options will be what you have to choose from. So this information would definitely apply to you then. So stay tuned.

Option 1 – Opening a New Heritage Makers Account: Retail

  • Previously called a Basic account, a Retail account allows you to make any Heritage Makers product using the free software and the Basic art collections and templates.
  • Pay retail price for your item whenever you’re ready to publish.
  • Get 2 GB free unpublished private photo storage in your account. Photos you’ve published in a project don’t count toward that limit!

Option 2 – When Opening a New Heritage Makers Account: Preferred Customer

  • Wholesale pricing
  • A Preferred account is $19.99/year BUT you can have future renewal fees waived when you spend $99 in a calendar year.
  • We’ll look more at how a Preferred account pays for itself in a short time and has several benefits.

Option 3 – When Opening a New Heritage Makers Account: Distributor

  • Your own website.
  • Ability to build a business (your way!).
  • Ability to earn commission on anything made or purchased at your website.
  • Option to represent not just Heritage Makers but any of Youngevity’s brands including jewelry, paper scrapbooking, health and wellness, and more.

RECAP:  These are the 3 options when when opening a new Heritage Makers account through YGY Photo:

  1. Retail account (formerly “Basic”)
  2. Preferred Customer account (formerly “Premier”/“Club”)
  3. Distributor account (formerly “Consultant,” which I will probably always call it)


Optional add-on to any account: Photo Club (formerly Club HM)

Photo Club remains largely unchanged in 2019.  Here are the Photo Club benefits:

  • No fee to join Photo Club.
  • Free access to Premier art (a much larger collection than Basic).
  • Free access to ALL templates, both Basic and Premier.
  • 25 GB free unpublished private photo storage in your account. Photos you’ve published in a project don’t count toward that limit!
  • Get the best prices by paying wholesale price instead of retail price at checkout (for current Photo Club members)
  • 60 Publishing Points (worth $60) to use to purchase items at checkout. (Think of them as credits or Heritage Makers Dollars.) They don’t expire for 2 full years, so you have up to 2 years to use them.

Photo Club in a Retail Account

New in 2019, there are two ways to join Photo Club:

With a Retail account, you can join Photo Club for $62.99 (Retail price) for 1 month of Photo Club. This gives you 60 Publishing Points ($60 of products to purchase within 2 years), wholesale pricing on products, plus free Premier access (Premier art and templates with more unpublished photo storage). Premier is a $20/month value (which we will look at momentarily). Photo Club at this Retail level is an $80 value for $62.99.

Photo Club in a Preferred Account

You may upgrade your Retail account to a Preferred Customer account for $19.99/year. This allows you to join Photo Club for $50 (Wholesale price), with Club auto-renewing each month (“autoship”). This means all the Photo Club perks like wholesale pricing and Premier access continue for you month after month. You also get 60 Publishing Points deposited in your account monthly, so this is a great option for people who are serious about creating wonderful gifts and keeping up on digital storybooking or scrapbooking. You can put Club on hold any time, too. With Photo Club in a Preferred account, you get all the same perks previously listed, but you get an $80 value for $70 the first month and $50 on renewing months. Plus, when you spend $99 within 12 months, the $19.99 fee is waived the following year! That will be easy if you’re on Photo Club for just 2 months a year.

So you called Photo Club an optional add-on. You mean I don’t have to join Photo Club or have a Preferred account in order to make something with Heritage Makers, right?

Yep! That’s exactly what I mean. You can make any project you like at any time using the smaller Basic art collection and Basic templates and pay the higher retail price if you prefer. All you need is that free Retail account.

Okay, what if I don’t really want Publishing Points or Photo Club, but I see some Premier art or templates that I’d really like to use? Is there any way to access those without joining Photo Club?

Yep! You don’t ever buy digital art or templates with Heritage Makers, which is fantastic because there’s nothing to download to your computer, so you’ll always have access to the art and templates right in the program!  You can access Premier art and templates for a monthly fee.

Optional add-on:  Premier

Although most people prefer to join Photo Club and buy Publishing Points (i.e. actual products) while getting Premier art and templates free, you can buy Premier access by itself if you prefer.  Here are the rates:

1 month of Premier $19.95 Wholesale


Examples of Retail vs Wholesale Savings

8×8 hardbound book
$27 wholesale
$30 retail
8.5×11 scrap page
$3.60 wholesale
$4.00 retail
20×20 wrapped canvas
$89.10 wholesale
$100.00 retail
playing card deck (54)
$20.22 wholesale
$23.00 retail
12×12 lay-flat book
$101 wholesale
$128 retail
5.5×8.5 notepad set (4)
$20.10 wholesale
$23.00 retail
11.5×8.5 calendar
$19.50 wholesale
$22.00 retail
hipster bag
$72 wholesale
$81 retail


What I Do and Why it Works for Me

I believe strongly in the power of photos and memories—how good they are for us. Studies show they make us happier, foster a sense of gratitude and purpose, and even lower stress. I also believe in the power of story. Stories, especially personal and family stories, unite us in a way nothing else can. Studies show that kids who know family stories have a stronger sense of identity, higher self-esteem, and do better when faced with challenges. Because this is what I want for myself and my loved ones, I want to consistently be caught up on my digital scrapbooking (memory-keeping). Photo Club (formerly Club HM) was introduced in January 2012, and I have been a member of it every month since then.

Here’s why I choose Photo Club on a renewing basis, month after month: I like that I always have Publishing Points in my account and that wholesale price discount waiting for me when I place my order. I LOVE being able to use Premier art and templates. I like that I can save up Publishing Points month to month if I have a big purchase (such as multiple copies of a cookbook for family Christmas gifts). Photo Club makes staying caught up on preserving my photos and memories, recording and sharing family stories, and giving heartfelt (and very fun!) gifts EASY! And, yes, these photos are my own personal projects. I have hundreds.

What Would Work for YOU?

  • A Retail account or a Preferred Customer account?
  • A Distributor account?
  • Photo Club?
  • Premier only?

Contact your upline to discuss options.

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