Why don’t we get enough nutrition from food alone?

Posted: July 8, 2019 | By: Rocio Ramos

Our food quality has changed

The food we eat today is not the same food our great grandparents consumed a hundred or more years ago. The plants we grow today are much different. The meat produced today is much different. Conventional farming and meat production has drastically changed the quality of our food – and the quality of our life. Soil depletion and food processing methods are stripping real, whole (aka “first”) foods of nutrients and filling them with harmful substances that elongate shelf-life and make us all hungry for more. We simply can no longer rely on food to get proper nutrition.

Processed Foods

Many health experts would agree that processed foods are the leading cause of poor diets and malnutrition. A processed food is anything that has been altered in some way; such as breads, cheeses, canned foods, cereals, chips, etc. Essentially, most foods that come in a package, and tend to be found in the aisles of grocery stores, rather than the perimeter, have been processed.

What makes processed foods so harmful is that they are filled with food additives to make them appealing to consumers – sugar being a major addition. Sugar can be found in everything from crackers to ketchup to peanut butter. In the article  “Food companies intentionally make their products addictive, and it’s making us sick,” the author describes that foods like pasta sauce, are now artificially sweetened to keep consumers craving the product, with sugar levels that can rival those found in packaged desserts. Sugar makes foods appealing because the body craves it. Unfortunately, sugar has also been linked to health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Farming methods

To add to the dilemma, conventional farming has become a mass production business. It’s no longer about producing nutrient-rich foods but about producing as much food as quickly as possible. This means that soils are not allowed to recover and nutrients are not replenished. A hundred years ago, farmers used to tend to crops naturally. Now, pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals are used to ensure large quantities of food are produced with little concern about quality. South Korean Monk, Chef Jeong Kwan said it best, “All year long, plants grow by the energy of nature, the universe, the earth and human labor. Its man’s greed that want’s plants to grow faster, and grow bigger and prettier. This is why some resort to chemical substances.”

Dr. Wallach and the 90 essential nutrients

For decades, Youngevity Founder, Dr. Joel Wallach, has researched nutritional deficiencies in both animals and humans. He found that many diseases we see today are due to modern diets lacking the proper nutrients needed for the body to function properly. Modern food production and conventional farming methods from nutrient-depleted soils result in poor quality food. In order to supply your body with the nutrients you need, Dr. Wallach recommends 90 essential nutrients that can be found in the Health Body Start Pak 2.0. These nutrients have been researched to deliver health benefits that include supporting the immune system, cardiovascular system, and bones & joints.

Remember that the foods we consume on a daily basis are either benefiting or harming your health. To learn more about what foods  support your health and diet, check out The Secret to a Long Healthy Life: Eat Real Food. Proper nutrition from food alone can be difficult, but with the right supplements, a healthy life is possible!




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