The secret to a long, healthy life: eat real food.

Posted: June 17, 2019 | By: Rocio Ramos

Eat Real Food

For decades we’ve been seeking out the best doctors and products to help us look younger, live longer, and live healthier. Unfortunately, despite all the medical advice and pills, we’re the unhealthiest and sickest we’ve ever been. And as chronic illnesses continue to rise, there seems to be one common denominator as the root cause: food.

Recently, two studies were published linking a diet high in ultra-processed foods to early death. The studies found more instances of heart disease, cancer, and illness in the diets of those who had consumed the most processed foods. And yet another study found that ultra-processed foods lead to overeating. The result of which was weight gain. So while individuals are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on medicine and procedures the solution is quite simple – eat real food.

A Simple Yet Complex Solution

While this sounds quite simple, it’s actually very complex. People just can’t seem to find the time to make their own meals from real food; let alone grow and raise their own. It’s an outdated concept, and one that doesn’t fit into today’s lifestyle of quick and easy. However, for the parts of the world who have been able to maintain diets rich in seasonal and fresh foods, their health has paid off.  Among these diets are the Mediterranean diet, Japanese diet, and Nordic diet. All these diets have been linked to reduced inflammation, lower instances of heart disease, and lower mortality rates according to studies published on The Independent.

The secret to a healthy life: eat real food.

What is Real Food?

Dr. Melinda Silva said it best during a Better Health Challenge Facebook Live, “If you can’t catch it or grow it, you shouldn’t eat it.” Simple as that. Real food should be something that comes from the earth. It should come from local farms that don’t use conventional farming methods. Meat should be ethically raised. And most importantly, real food doesn’t have labels or claims.

Not too much, not too little

When you eat real food, portion size seems to matter less. Real foods are rich in nutrients that are nourishing and filling. Paul Chek, author of “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!” tells us that optimal heath comes from eating not too much and not too little. Don’t overeat and don’t under eat. Eat just enough to fuel your body and not harm it with unhealthy food-like substances; i.e. processed foods.

eat real food starts with 90 essential nutrients

For many, it can be difficult to find fresh, local produce. For this reason, Dr. Wallach established the 90 essential nutrients for optimal health. Knowing that conventional farming has depleted soils of nutrients, he established the 90 essential nutrients your body may be deficient in. These 90 essential nutrients will help support your dietary needs in conjunction with a diet rich in whole foods.

You can find the 90 essential nutrients in a variety of Healthy  Body Start Paks to support your personal health goals. Remember, real food is the key to a long and healthy life!


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