“How does your garden grow?”

Posted: May 21, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary was asked how her garden grew and mentions a variety of flowers. When I think of gardens I envision tomatoes, green beans, red potatoes, and other vegetables with a few fruits thrown in for good measure. Regardless of whether you grow flowers or vegetables or fruit, for the US, this is the time to get your garden going (in some places it may be a little late). So why garden, other than for the beauty of the flowers or harvesting vegetables? Let’s find out.

Gardening Benefits

When you think of benefits, eating more vegetables is probably the first thing we think about. According to Seth Gillihan, PhD., he sites 10 health benefits in his Psychology Today article.

  1. Practicing Acceptance. Do you like to control things? I sure do and unfortunately not all things can be controlled. Gardening is a great reminder that Mother Nature is in control and allows us to practice finding peace with letting go.
  2. Moving Beyond Perfectionism. You may not feel you are a perfectionist, but most of us have at least one area where we are. Seth mentions, “No matter how carefully you plan and execute your garden, there are countless factors you can’t predict.” Another opportunity to just enjoy the process.
  3. Developing a Growth Mindset. To grow, and learn we must experience mistakes and gardening will certainly provide those. Whether it is your first garden and you’re unsure of what to do or you’ve decided to experiment with a new species or gardening method, your desire to learn will spill into all areas of your life as you gain a growth mindset.
  4. Connecting with Others. Like most hobbies and activities, gardening is something that you can easily find someone to connect with. You can talk about when to plant, your favorite brands or species, and so much more. Even in these times of social distancing, you can connect online with groups dedicated to gardening.
  5. Connecting to Your World. Yes, connecting to your world includes the people you’re connecting with, but it also includes the world as you consume what you grow. You’ll build a relationship with the ground that you turn from plain dirt to luscious plants that bloom and bless your life.
  6. Bathing in Green. You may have heard the term “shinrin-yoku” mentioned by Dr. James in his various Youngevity interviews and presentations. Shinrin-yoku means “forest bathing” or immersing yourself in green. Taking in your green surroundings (landscape, garden, etc.) can help with anxiety, stress management, and more. Dr. James suggests a shinrin-yoku break every afternoon. Something as simple as walking barefoot in grass or placing your hands in dirt (aka gardening) can make a huge difference.
  7. Being Present. Just like bathing in green helps you focus, gardening helps you to focus on what you are doing. You may find that you get lost in your garden and lose track of time as you enjoy planting, weeding, listening to birds, picking your fruits and vegetables, or just basking in the sun.
  8. Physical Exercise. While gardening is not the same as running, you are definitely moving your body as you bend and stand, move dirt from one area to another, or walk to and from your garden. You’ll be amazed at the difference gardening can make to your body’s muscles.
  9. Reducing Stress. We’ve mentioned stress a couple of times in other areas, but gardening and being outside are renewing, especially if you can let everything go and just be in your garden. Feel the stress slide away as you dig, weed, and harvest.
  10. Eating Healthfully. Yes, eating healthy foods is definitely a benefit with the wonderful vegetables and fruits you grow. You may find you are willing to try something just because you grew it. So enjoy the healthful benefits of your garden adventure.

Help Your Garden Grow

Gardens are definitely something you have to give constant attention to if you want it to bloom and/or produce. Youngevity offers Bloomin Minerals Soil Revitalizer to help your garden be the best it can be. It comes in a variety of sizes to help you with your indoor and outdoor plants.

Good luck with your garden and even if it doesn’t produce as you hope, enjoy the other benefits.

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