How to add luck to your life

Posted: March 13, 2022 | By: Stacy Croninger

Do you know people that seem to have all the luck? Ever wonder why you aren’t a lucky person? Turns out that you can make your own luck, which is what other lucky people do. It isn’t as easy as finding a four leaf clover or the pot of gold, but it isn’t complicated. So, let’s get started adding luck to your life!

Do What Lucky People Do

In most cases, luck comes from what you do in your life. People who seem to have luck are doing specific things to make that happen in their life, according to an article in Forbes. These are the things that the article Six Things that Lucky People Do That Others Don’t tells us:

  1. They trust their intuition – finding the balance between left brain thinking and going with what feels right in your gut.
  2. They take risks – these people are not getting lucky breaks, they are having courage to do something that doesn’t feel comfortable. To push the envelope.
  3. They expect good things to happen – this is all about putting things out there. Send out what you want to attract.
  4. They see the glass half full – while this may feel like a trite statement, optimism and how you perceive the world makes a difference in how you handle day-to-day happenings.
  5. They embrace failure as inevitable – no one is lucky all the time. We all have setbacks, but if we use them as learning experiences and move forward, then we’re likely to have good results, rather than bad.
  6. They hang out with other lucky people – surround yourself with people that have the same goals as you do, that are optimistic, are looking for success. These people will keep you uplifted, which makes you a very lucky person. And remember, it’s a two way street – share a smile, encouragement, and positive reinforcement with your support group.

Take Action

It is easy to get caught up in learning and planning, but to truly be a lucky person, you must act. Luck doesn’t fall in your lap, you must work for it. Make your plans and then execute on them. Make sure you are breaking large dreams, into goals, into daily tasks that move you forward to the success you desire. And then share what you’ve learned with others. As you lift others, you’ll be lifted as well.

Now go grab your luck!

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