Journal the Details

Posted: October 9, 2019 | By: Lisa E

I had the privilege of doing a radio interview for Family Life Today. During our follow-up conversation, Phil Krause, the program’s engineer said, “Rhonda, thank you so very much for talking about meaningful journaling in albums. That message really became clear to me recently when my wife’s mother passed away.”

“Kristi was given 16 complete photo albums that her mother had created for her. It was amazing to look at the neatly compiled, comprehensive books that were filled with birthday cards, recital programs, pictures, and more memorabilia. However, what was conspicuously absent was meaningful journaling. There was nothing written about Kristi’s character qualities or her spiritual journey. There were no feelings of love and appreciation expressed. We were amazed at the lack of journaling. After looking at these albums, we had a big decision to make. We live in a modest-sized apartment, and we pondered the future of moving around 16 photo albums that have very little meaning. So, we selected one book and threw the other 15 albums away. Without the journaling, the albums were not meaningful to my wife.

I can’t describe my sadness when Phil shared that story. It truly validates our on-going message to journal in our albums – both traditional and digital. Journaling is what makes an album meaningful for today and for future generations. Always remember that the palest ink is stronger than the greatest memory.

-Rhonda Anderson, Our Memories for Life Brand Champion

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