Life Force Introduction FAQ

Posted: May 22, 2024 | By: Rocio Ramos

Below you’ll find answers to many questions you may have about the transition of Life Force to Youngevity.

about youngevity

Who is Youngevity?

Watch these videos to learn more about Youngevity:

Youngevity’s 90 For Life – Featured – Official Youngevity Video Center

The Youngevity Opportunity

How do I join Youngevity to take part in the opportunity provided?

If you were a Member or customer with the previous company, a free account has been created for you. You should have received an email with login instructions, including a username and password.   More information can be found HERE. Please be sure to check your contact information and also change your password after you login to your Back Office account.

If for some reason you cannot access your account, please contact customer service at 1-800-982-3189 or at [email protected], and they will help look you up in our system.

Where do I find resources and training?

Youngevity offers hundreds of videos for your training and also for your use in marketing the products and opportunity. The videos can be found by category here:

Official Youngevity Video Center

We also offer a robust resource center where you can find onboarding training and product info – Youngevity Resource Center (

Youngevity also has an incredible Smartphone App that has both a desktop version and a phone version. You can download it on your phone or ipad – it is called The YoungevityGo2App.

You can login to the browser-based version here: YoungevityGo2 App (Desktop)

Or download it to your phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Where does Youngevity connect on Social Media?

You can find the Distributor Facebook Group and Join here – The OFFICIAL Youngevity® Private Group Page | Facebook

You can find promotions and specials on the Youngevity Facebook Fan Page Here – Youngevity – Home | Facebook

Where can I find the latest info on Youngevity promotions?

Promotion information can be found on our promotion website or on our official Youngevity website:

Youngevity Promotions

Shop Youngevity | Official Site

Product & Pricing

Where can I purchase Life Force product?

You can view all Life Force products here:

What price are the Life Force Products?

In general in the US, your previously discounted Autoship price is now your Wholesale price. Other markets may adjust due to exchange rates and required GST. Based on compliance evaluation, the Life Force products are subject to GST in Australia.

Will your Gotmy3/Power of 3 Program continue?

All products will pay strictly through the Youngevity compensation plan beginning with June volume. The free product portion of the GM3/PO3 program will continue with qualification in June for your free item starting in July. No free product will be given by Youngevity in June based on orders paid to Life Force in May.

What inventory is available?

It is our goal to have all products available to you as registered in all markets. Unfortunately the iZing product will not be immediately available in Australia and New Zealand due to logistics issues. Please plan your orders accordingly.

Products will be available in the near future for the Philippines and Singapore.

commissions & Compensation plan

If I were a Distributor who is owed commissions from the former company how will Youngevity assist in my recovering of those commissions?

We have received a list of owed commissions from the previous company. Youngevity will put 1% of all new sales from the former company’s downline and product sales into a pool. This pool will be divided out and paid once each quarter. The amount a distributor can earn is based on two factors:

  1. Were they active in Youngevity each month of the quarter? Activity is determined by having 100 PQV on the account each month in the quarter. You must be considered active to receive a portion of the pool.
  2. One will earn a percentage determined by amount owed from the previous company. For example, if you were owed 5% of the total past due commissions, you would earn 5% of the Youngevity pool if you were active as outlined above.
  3. You must keep ordering after the changeover, so that you may receive the commission that is owed to you.

Do I have to purchase one particular product to be eligible for the commission pool?

No, all products at Youngevity with QV attached are eligible.

Where can I learn about the Youngevity commission plan?

We have a series of short videos you can watch to learn all about the plan – Compensation Plan Training – Youngevity Resource Center (

You can also watch a video of our VP of Sales Sean Brown explaining the plan here – Youngevity Comp Plan Training – YouTube

What is CEO Qualified and the special limited time offer available to us?

CEO Qualified is a term used in the Youngevity Compensation† Plan to unlock certain bonuses once it is achieved. Once achieved, it unlocks the ability to earn bonuses such as the car bonus, coding bonus and ambassador bonus. Normally the purchase of a CEO Pack or cumulative volume of 500QV is required to become CEO Qualified. For a limited time, until June 30th, you can become CEO qualified with personal purchases of cumulative 300QV.  A Life Force specific Business Builder CEO Pack is available to you for purchase that provides a variety of Youngevity products, along with the Life Force products you know and love.  A Healthy Body Start Pack Autoship will be automatically added to your account with purchase of this item.  You can update that Autoship with other products if you prefer.  View the Pack HERE.

How Does The Quick Start Bonus work and what is different in the first month of the transition (June 2024)?

For the first month every customer and distributor will be considered “NEW” in the Youngevity system. This will result in everybody being eligible for the quick start bonus on the customers/distributors that they have enrolled in the past. To be eligible you must have 100 PQV on your account. This bonus is paid weekly and pays 30% of the BV on all eligible accounts that you are the enroller for up to 750 BV for the first 30 days from the enrollment date.

Going forward starting on June 24 only NEW enrollments will be eligible.

Where do I sign up to receive my commissions? What are my options to get paid?

You will automatically be signed up to receive a physical check for your commission payments. We also have the option for HyperWallet payments. If you prefer this method, please sign up through the Profile section of your Business Center.


When will my autoship process? 

Your Autoship order has transferred from Life Force into your Youngevity account, where you are able to review in your Back Office. Due to security limitations with credit card numbers, the setup is not yet complete. Please go to your Autoship and update the payment method with your credit card information. You can also call into our Customer Service team to have them add that information for you. To give you time to complete this review and process, the first Autoship orders will process on June 7th. If your Autoship was scheduled for the 1st thru 6th of June, then it will run on June 7th this month and resume to your normal processing day in future months.

How does AutoShip work?

In both the US & Canada we offer free shipping on Autoship if the order is over $100. An Autoship can be any amount, but the free shipping only kicks in after the price is over $100.

Is there free shipping available in NZ/AU?

Freight is free for Autoships with a minimum value of $160NZD and $150AUD (excl GST) for Australia and New Zealand.

Where can I setup my Autoship?

You can set up your Autoship in your back office or at Learn more about Autoship here – Benefits of Autoship

My Autoship has recently been paid for from my past due commissions balance. Will that continue?

No, all past due commissions will become part of the pool discussed above for payout. Your normal payment method on file will be charged again beginning with your next scheduled Autoship date after May 31st.

Do you take bank draft/EFT/ACH as a payment method for Autoship, or only credit/debit card?

ACH is available once a form is completed.  Please contact Customer Service for instructions on how to receive and complete it.

customer service

What is the contact info for Customer Service in us?

1-800-982-3189 or [email protected]

Fax:mailto:[email protected] 619-394-3205

Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

You can also use Youngevity’s Chat available on Mon – Friday from 7am – 5pm PST

What is the Contact info for Customer Service AU/NZ?

5c Airborne Road, Auckland, New Zealand · Auckland, Auk 0632 · New Zealand

NZ 0 800 375 635 | AU 1800 756 467

[email protected]

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Can you order by check/money order through the mail? If so, where do we send it?

Yes, please call us at 800-982-3189 to receive a quote for your order. Then the check or money order can be mailed to our address – 2400 Boswell Road, Chula Vista, CA 91914

Will the Life Force websites, phones, fax, & email addresses be functional to any extent?

We will be keeping them active and transferring them to Youngevity numbers and sites during a transition period.


are there Distributor Renewal fees?

Yes, there is a $49.95 annual renewal fee that is only applicable for U.S. Distributors . This is entered as an annual Autoship that will be first applied one year from transferring into Youngevity.  This fee gives you access to enjoy a business-building opportunity, based on a strong compensation plan—all of which is supported by modern sales and training tools, including:

  • A replicated/personalized website to drive your business
  • Youngevity Go2App to build your business when and where you choose
  • Interactive health assessment to help customers choose the right products for their health needs
  • Business center to monitor and support the health of your business
  • Invaluable training resources on Youngevity University

Can you keep your current Life Force ID#?

No, you will receive a new Youngevity ID# as your old one may conflict with existing ID’s. Find your new ID# HERE.

Where can Life Force products be distributed?

Product is available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Philippines and Singapore will have product available in the near future. More markets will open up with further interest.

Where can I learn the best practices in promoting the products and business opportunity in a compliant manner?

Here are our foundational compliance training resources:

Policies & Guidelines – Learn the proper way to market your business and share Youngevity products with others using best practices to ensure your success.

Compliance Talk – Watch this quick video on our current compliance guidelines to find the best plan of action when sharing the products and opportunity.


Income disclaimer: Youngevity prohibits its distributors from making income earning claims in association with the promotion of Youngevity business opportunities. Whether an individual who becomes a Youngevity distributor will earn more than he or she pays for the business opportunity depends on multiple independent and dependent variables that are impossible to predict, such as economic factors unique to each location where product sales are attempted and the sales talents of each individual distributor.


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