Memorable Halloweens and Pets

Posted: August 3, 2016 | By: Youngevity

Pets and Halloween. Halloween and pets. Not your typical combination, but if you stop and think about it, you do see similar colors when recording memories for each, especially black, orange, and green. Personally, I use purple whenever I can get away with it! The Frightful & Furry by Lauren Hinds collection is a lovely collection with fun designs that make creating layouts and pages so easy and enjoyable.


For most of you, I’m guessing that Halloween is going to be the draw for this collection. For me it is the pet designs and since I’m the one writing this post, we’re starting with what I love – my hounds and the dog designs in this collection. The 2″ Border Strips are absolutely adorable! I had the hardest time picking which ones to use on this layout so I went with what matched the photos, which was loyalty and love. Lauren did a great job of using the same colors across the journal cards and border strips, which allows mixing and matching until the perfect combination is found. You’ll notice I took advantage of the Heart Paws Design Cartridge to add a little extra strip to one of the border strips.

And for the cat lovers in the crowd, the opposite side of the Pet 2″ Border Strips has cat designs. Balls of yarn, cute kitties, and more. And these coordinate just as well with the other items in the collection.


In the Halloween arena, you’ll find designs that are cute as well as a little on the scary side (not really, but I think spiders are a little scary). Of course, black and orange are the predominant colors, but purple, green, and blue are found in the designs so you can pull in those colors from the Pocket Journal Cards and Designer Cardstock. This pocket page was quick and easy to put together and definitely has a Halloween feel to it. This page uses the Pocket Border Strips and Pocket Journal Cards, but you could also use the Halloween 2″ Border Strips if you trim them down slightly. So many options you’ll need to take lots of photos so you can use all the product possibilities.

If you’d like to see this collection up close, you can read last week’s blog post where we showed all the parts. Also, we’ve updated the Coordinating Solid Color Cardstock Reference and you can download it from the files portion of the Youngevity Memory Keeping Brands Group on Facebook. There are lots of colors that look amazing with this collection. Here are the ones we’ve found: Plum, Pumpkin, Daffodil, Classic Navy, and Classic Black.

Hopefully your collection is on it’s way to your house so you can record your Halloween and pet memories. If not, order it today so you are ready to go!

Have fun creating!

– StacyC

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