Mix and Match with Ease!

Posted: July 20, 2016 | By: Youngevity

What have you noticed about the It’s a Kid’s World by Lauren Hinds collection? You’re right! There are two sets of 2″ Border Strips, each with themes, and the designer cardstock, pocket journal cards, and pocket border strips have designs that work with everything. As Suzanne likes to say, it’s the Garanimals approach (you know the clothes line that was introduced years ago, and is still available today, that had different animal tags so you could quickly identify by the tag which tops went with which bottoms). Let me show you a few examples.


This image shows the School 2″ Border Strips (which have Sports on the back). I’ve laid out a few Solid Color Cardstocks that would make a great base for your page as well as pocket journal cards and pocket border strips that match the 2″ border strips. Notice how they all have similar colors that look great together.


As I mentioned, Sports is on the back of the School 2″ Border Strips. By swapping to different Solid Color Cardstocks and pulling a couple different pocket journal cards and pocket border strips, I’m ready to create a basketball themed page. Notice that the black checked pocket journal card works with this combination as well as the School theme.


Next up are the Toddler 2″ Border Strips, with Magical Vacation on the back. I used the Classic Red and Daffodil Solid Color Cardstocks from the School page and added the Pumpkin Solid Color Cardstock. You’ll notice a pocket journal card reappears from the School page with a few new pocket journal cards and pocket border strips. Are you starting to see how easy these are to mix and match? Oh the possibilities!


Finally, we have the Magical Vacation 2″ Border Strips, the back of the Toddler 2″ Border Strips. What do you see from some of the previous page combinations? Pocket journal cards and pocket border strips in this grouping have appeared in the School, Sports, and Toddler combinations.

With this many options you can create pages that look wonderful next to each other in your album.

Have fun creating!

– StacyC

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