Moments turn into memories…in a SNAP!

Posted: September 18, 2018 | By: Lisa E

I love printed pictures! Something about the way they feel in my hands and of course, the rush of feelings that come back as I look through them.

When our children were little we took pictures with 35 mm film. Who remembers that and having to WAIT to see their pictures! It seemed like it took forever!

I’d load the kids back into the car, drive back to the store to pick up my film and then I’d open that envelope before I even got to the cash register!

I still can’t wait to open that envelope, but now they conveniently arrive in my mailbox, thanks to Snap2Finish.

The moments we capture and the memories we create are just as fantastic today and the best part…we get to see them instantaneously.

One really fun aspect of digital pictures is that we can share them instantly on social media; like Facebook and Instagram.

But often times, it’s really frustrating to scroll and scroll just to find the photos you really love. Have you ever thought about printing them?

Snap2Finish offers fantastic, high-quality prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper. They are available in a variety of sizes but I really enjoy the social 4 x 4 size. Choose archival photographic gloss or matte finish for only 18 cents each!

Printing photos is the #1 way to preserve images and this FUN social size can be added to one of our traditional Our Memories for Life scrapbook albums, hung as a banner for a special occasion, or used to decorate the walls of your home!

Thanks to Youngevity’s COO Michelle Wallach for sharing these memories.

Get started today by uploading your photos from any device. No app needed!


Have fun celebrating the Snap!

Helen Watt, COH 5 Star Executive
Snap2Finish Brand Ambassador

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