Monthly Recognition Blog – July 2020

Posted: August 20, 2020 | By: Youngevity

Congratulations to those who are shooting for the stars and rank advanced this past month.  Ranking up is no small task and we are so proud of the efforts you are making to grow your business and impact lives around the world. Enjoy this achievement, you’ve earned it!!

new 5 Star executives:




new 4 Star executives:




new 2 Star executives:


new 1 Star executives:


Let Youngevity make your car payment! Congratulations to the following individuals that earned Youngevity’s generous car bonus for the first time this past month.

Heather Hager 1SE
Anna belle Talia 1SE
Angelica Delgado 1SE
Irlena Ballesteros 1SE
Mariann Coronel 1SE
Adan Tapia 1SE
Roberta Brill 1SE
Dora A. Ramirez 1SE
Petra Ortega 1SE
Alba Ocampo 1SE
Veronica Munoz 1SE
Kozy Acres, Inc. 1SE
Luz v. Zerpa 1SE
Maddisen Storm 1SE
Ana Maria Padilla 1SE
Miguel y Melissa Valenzuela 1SE
Luis Alvarez 2SE
Carmen Rodriguez 2SE
Silvia Chavez 2SE
Aldegundo Duque 2SE
Leticia Gonzalez Diaz 2SE


Our July Better Together Promotion was a HUGE success!! Thank you to everyone that jumped in with excitement and determination. We were blown away by your results and couldn’t be more grateful. YOU are what makes Youngevity great!!



Youngevity is full of amazing people that are making a difference around the world every single day.  Thank you to our YGY rockstars for your example and for inspiring all of us to be better and do more.

Distributor Spotlight: Larin and Dowanna Cox (featured in the July 13, 2020 newsletter)

Larin and Dowanna Cox are true Youngevity crusaders. Their love for Dr. Wallach’s message and passion for helping others to find the health and happiness that they’ve found, is what drives them. Learn more about their amazing Youngevity experience.

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