One House at a Time…

Posted: April 9, 2018 | By: Lisa E

For over 40 years, I have created a chronological photo album for each year which captures photos and stories of our life. I love doing these chronological albums but occasionally I get a whim to create a theme album such as Faithbooking, Heritage, My Mother’s hats, Christmas card photos, or more recently I created an album of all the houses we have lived in.

Mac and I have been married for 38 years and we have lived in 22 different homes. (Yes, we moved often – sometimes just to survive because we needed the money from the equity!) I have all these homes captured in our chronological albums but I thought it would be fun to see an album of JUST the houses themselves along with some family highlights.

I had negatives for those older pictures but instead of reprinting, I “cheated” and just took a picture of the pictures in my existing traditional albums. The quality wasn’t as sharp but they still looked adequate. Next I created a template so that each house was captured in the same way.

For example, in this double page spread of our first house, you can see on the left page the title says, 1st house and below the photo of the house I have the address. The right page contains what I call Fun Facts:

Moved in:

Moved out:

Total time:

Purchase price:

Interest rate on loan:

Selling price:



Big Events that happened here:

Why we moved:

Lastly, on the right page I included a scripture verse that was special to us at that time.

Once I had this template created with both the decorative elements in place and the journaling prompts created, I was ready to roll. Using the same template for each house made the album look very cohesive and easy to read. Truly this is one of my favorite albums. (Ok – I say that about a lot of my albums)! The Year in a Snap Collection from Our Memories for Life would be a perfect collection to use for an album like this.


Now a confession: I am ready to update this album because we have moved again and now I need room for three more houses! Yikes! I hope you have as much fun as I do making theme albums!

– Rhonda Anderson, Ambassador for Our Memories for Life

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