Personalizing HOLIDAYS On Your Calendars

Posted: November 8, 2018 | By: Lisa E

As I’m finishing up my calendars for this year’s gifts I wanted to personalize the HOLIDAYS on the calendar grids. I thought of this FUN idea to add some digital ‘stickers’ to the events throughout the year and wanted to share this idea with you!

Images like these can be easily found online by doing a google search for key words like; flag, pumpkin, flowers, Santa, fireworks, etc. After I found an image I liked, I downloaded it to a folder on my desktop.

Note: Make sure images you are choosing are free to use and do not infringe on copyrights for the image.

Next I UPLOADED them into my Snap2Finish account and created a NEW album I called “Calendar Clip Art Images”. Of course, you can choose your own album name.

You can now ADD these images to any calendar grid square, just like you can personalize the grid with any activity/ event, birthday, or photo. As a reminder, here’s how to get started creating your calendar.


They really make the holiday or event STAND OUT on your calendar grid!

These calendars make a GREAT gift, but don’t forget to order one for yourself, too!

Have fun celebrating the Snap!

Helen Watt, COH 5 Star Executive
Snap2Finish Brand Ambassador

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