Quick Look at the New Joyful and Triumphant Collection

Posted: October 26, 2016 | By: Youngevity

The new Joyful & Triumphant by Lauren Hinds collection will be out in just a few short days. Until then, here’s a peek at what you can expect.


The November Autoship includes all the pieces from the Joyful & Triumphant collection as well as Gold and Pine Solid Color Cardstock, which look amazing with this collection.


The Designer Cardstock includes designs that coordinate with the borders and journal cards for all your holiday memories. And so many beautiful colors will make it easy to match your photos too.


These are the 2″ Border Strips: Joyful. Don’t you love the wreaths, deer, garlands, and the slight Scandinavian feel some of the designs have?


The Triumphant 2″ Border Strips are elegant and nostalgic with bells, angels, and classic holiday colors. And you’ll notice that the color palette on both sets of 2″ Border Strips work well together so you can mix and match.


You’ll notice that several of the Pocket Border Strips have the same or similar designs to those found on the Designer Cardstock, which again, makes it easy to combine all the pieces together for a page you love. And remember, just because it says pocket in the name doesn’t mean you can’t use these on a traditional page. They love being used wherever you can find them a home.


Last, but not least, are the Pocket Journal cards, that like the Pocket Border Strips, work on whatever page type you create. You’ll see designs here that you’ve seen elsewhere for a cohesive feel to your memories.

This collection goes on sale November 1st. Next week we’ll show you a few projects and a video for an up close look at the collection.

Have a great day!

– StacyC

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