Rewards Program: Share, Shop, Redeem

Posted: February 14, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

Do you love being rewarded for things you are doing like shopping or building your business? That’s what the Youngevity Rewards Program is all about. Rewarding you for ordering products, sharing products on social media, enrolling people, and much more. This blog post gives you a quick look at the program.

Please note: At this time, Youngevity Rewards is available for customers in US and Canada. You can only redeem your Youngevity points on for US and for Canada. As this program becomes available in other countries, all distributors and customers within those countries will be notified.

Getting Started

First, for those with Youngevity accounts prior to December 31, 2019, you’ll need to activate your account. Log into and go to Rewards, which is below the  Dashboard on the left side. Click on the Activate Now button. Voila! Rewards will now appear when you shop or complete specific actions.

For those that joined Youngevity after December 31, 2019, your Rewards account is automatically activated.

Earning Points

You can earn a few easy points by providing your birthday, following Youngevity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as signing up for a monthly autoship.

Go big by shopping (you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent). To make it even easier to earn, each month we’ll offer a variety of products with double points. For example, February 2020 is Heart Health Awareness Month as well as Valentine’s Day, so we put together several products and bundles for these occasions. You can buy the products now and the reward points will show up 10 days after your order is processed.


Take it even bigger and start building your business. Sign up a distributor – ding, points earned. Share social squares, videos, or other items in the YoungevityGo2 app to become one of the top 10 sharers and ding, now you have more points. Or rank advance or purchase a business kit and yes, you’ll earn reward points.

Other options are available as a Product Advocate, which means sharing and referring customers (retail and preferred customers) who then purchase the product. On your Rewards page, click the tab My Referral Link to get a link that is specific to you. Share this with friends and family to earn rewards when they make purchases. There’s even an option to share it directly to Facebook or Twitter.

Using Points

Now the fun begins! Using your points. When you are logged into your account and ready to check out you’ll see available reward points you can use for your purchase. We’ve created a handy Reward Redemption table so you’ll know how many points you need to earn to redeem them.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You can redeem 1000 points ($100 reward credit) per order
  • You can earn a maximum of 750 points per calendar month; however, annual redemption is 6000 points or $600 in reward credits.
  • Reward credits can be used on (or your replicated site)
  • Reward credits cannot be used for autoship purchases
  • Beginning September 1st, 2020, any points earned on your account will have a 6 month expiration. Please be assured that any points earned July 31, 2020 and prior will have the previous expiration of 12 months honored.

Get Rewarded!

You now have the basics about the Rewards program. If you have additional questions, the FAQ likely has the answer or you can submit your question on the FAQ page.

Watch for double points specials and take advantage to build up your reward points. Plus, share with your team and customers how they can benefit from the Rewards program. Here’s a possible email or text you could send:

Hi <insert name>!

Youngevity recently launched a Rewards program that I’m so excited about. Not only does it provide me points when I buy my products, I’ll be rewarded for doing activities to build my business, such as sharing double points specials with my customers or letting customers and potential customers know about my favorite products.

I’d love to walk you through how to set up your Rewards account and help you get started accruing points. I have time to chat on XX at XX. I’ll give you a call or if you’d rather, let’s meet at XX for a quick snack (I’ll bring my laptop).

Talk to you soon!

<insert your name>

There’s no better time than now to get started with the Rewards program. Make the most of your business with this amazing tool.

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