Greek Yogurt Pizza

Posted: February 14, 2020 | By: Lisa E

Greek Yogurt Pizza

Quick, easy, tasty and versatile! With the addition of the spice or mix of your choice you’ll have a whole new pizza.

Greek Yogurt Pizza Base


1.5 cups self-raising flour (can use plain with 3 tsp baking powder, well mixed), extra flour required for kneading

1 cup greek yogurt

1 tbsp your favorite Saveur Mix, or 1-2 tsp Saveur Spice


Simply mix together all the ingredients on clean surface. Once well mixed, add a little more flour to knead to bring it all together. Put dough onto your lined pizza tray and shape. Shape into a traditional round, or even a heart to show your loved ones how much you care. Add desired toppings.

Bruschetta Pizza Version:
(depicted above)

Follow the pizza base recipe above. Add Calabrese Pesto Mix throughout the base mixture. For toppings, add tomato paste, thinly sliced tomato. Pop in the oven to cook. Once done, crumble some feta and fresh basil. Sprinkle Seasoned Salt and finish off with a drizzle of Spiced Fig Maple & Pear Balsamic.

Mexican Pizza Version:

Follow the pizza base recipe above.  Add 2 tsp Taco Spice to the base. Add desired toppings.

Dessert Pizza Version:

Follow the pizza base recipe above. Add some of your favorite Saveur Balsamic, some Cinnamon Blend Baking Spice, and a little sugar or maple syrup. Then add your favorite sweet toppings for a delicious treat.


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