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Posted: August 11, 2016 | By: Youngevity

As a child, this time of year was not my favorite. Summer activities were winding down as we prepared to return to school. Now, there’s something so fun about seeing all the school supplies and I love taking the kids clothes shopping. So what are you doing to get ready for the school season? Are your kids just starting school or is this their last year or somewhere in between? We have a few ideas to make starting school fun for your little ones, but there are tons of templates for kids of all ages when it comes to school.

1st Grader - Roxanne

Growing up we took the requisite first day of school photo holding our new lunch boxes and wearing our new clothes. If you are on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen the cute signs that people are making for their children to hold identifying the school year that is beginning. We’ve created two template styles to help you with these fun photos. The first are these bright and fun designs by Roxanne Buchholz. There’s a 8.5×11 Scrap Page for 1st through 6th grade. The great thing about these, no customization needed, although you are more than welcome to add your child’s name.

First Day - Brooke

Brooke Mehr created these cool chalkboard designs that not only identify the grade they are in but the year as well. These designs are also 8.5×11 Scrap Pages and include pre-school through 12th grade. They are also a quick project because you only need to change the year and you’re ready to order.

School layout - Brooke

Once you have photos of those first days, it’s time to create a scrapbook page. Again, plenty of templates to choose from (just search school in the Template Gallery). This Learning to Read template from Brooke Mehr is one of the newest templates and so stinking cute with the polaroid photo frames, school icons, and chalkboard background.

Hershey candy Bus address label - Roxanne

Kids are not the only ones that are either excited or dreading getting back to school, so are the teachers, office staff, bus personnel, and more. Why not make their first day extra sweet with a cute bag of chocolates. There are several options for wrapping candy or bag toppers that are school themed. I love these simple school bus address labels that Roxanne Buchholz designed to easily wrap about Hershey’s Nuggets for a festive look. Drop several in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon for a quick gift for your bus driver and helper. There are other designs that any teacher would be happy to receive.

Do you feel more ready now for getting back in the school routine? Even if you don’t, at least you have some fun ideas for kicking off the school year in style!

Have fun creating!

– StacyC

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