Six Ideas to Inspire you to Send Cards

Posted: February 12, 2018 | By: Lisa E

6 Ideas to Inspire You to Send the One You Love a Heritage Makers Card

1. With Heritage Makers you can bypass the card selection at the local market and shop from yourself in the comfort of your home and send a special card that the recipient will not want to ever discard.


2. It is fast and easy to use a template or you can design your own. Over 100,000 pieces of digital art to use!


3. Get inspiration and then make it your own! So many ideas on the internet and Pinterest, get creative! I like to make a bunch of get well cards or birthday cards and have them on hand when I need one.


4. Heritage Makers’ direct ship option! Simply add your friends and family addresses one time and they will be there to send cards on upcoming birthdays, Christmas or any occasion. I use this all the time, it’s like having a personal assistant! No looking for stamps or even having to address envelopes anymore!

My mom loved this Mother’s Day card, it’s the only one still hanging up on her fridge!


5. Inexpensive thoughtfulness! Cards at the store can cost $4-$5 for a nice one. With Heritage Makers you can send a card for as little as $0.84 and use your fun photos.


6. Tangible vs digital! I like to be the friend who goes the extra mile whether it be a thank you card, a birthday card, a congratulations or whatever, it is a fun way to share a special photo you took to make a huge impact in today’s world of text messaging.

Which one would make you feel more special?

Use your Youngevity ID to log in and create your cards with Heritage Makers.

– Candy May, Ambassador for Heritage Makers

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