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Posted: February 23, 2017 | By: Youngevity

“The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.” – Dawson Trotman

We all have those items on our check lists that we often push off until a later day.  For some, it’s getting started with Heritage Makers. This month’s Studio U class specifically focused on the how-to’s of Heritage Makers.  From how to create an account, navigating the site, discovering the art collections, to customizing a template;  this class can help one to find confidence in creating and ease the unknowns for any new user.

Studio U Beginner's Guide Landing Page

storybook templates

To start off the evening, we highlighted some Storybook templates in Studio U, as all Storybooks are on sale for the month of February.  Enjoy the extra savings and finish up those yearbook projects, create fun Board Books for the little ones in your life, or whatever your storybook needs may be!  Here are a few of the Storybook templates highlighted:

Family Fun Yearbooks by Brooke Mehr

I love how these pages are laid out to give a fun, full spectrum collage of each month’s highlights and events. (143072)






6 x 6 Board Books

Our 6 x 6 Board Books are one of our recently returned project types that very versatile.  They are especially great to use for little ones in your life, as the thicker pages are easier to grab with their tiny fingers.  These two projects were highlighted during the hour, and are so fun to customize to be your own! Space Adventures by Michelle Bell (141187) and My Colors by Brooke Mehr (140734)

Space Adventures Board Book Template


My Adventures Board Book

navigating the site

Class continued as Stacy walked us through how to navigate around the Heritage Makers website.  Watching someone maneuver around the site can give that comfort of doing so on your own confidently.  Learn about the My Account area, how to view Art Collections available, and how to use the Address Book for direct ship options for cards.

For many, starting out involves being at a Basic membership level.  There are several membership options available for your Heritage Makers account: Basic, Premier, and the three levels of Club HM.  The Basic account level allows you to create with the basic artwork and templates free of extra costs.  Just create and then order your project!  No added investments needed.

Basic templates to try:

Heritage Makers Basic Template Floral

Floral Wreath Monogram by Brooke Mehr (140967) – 12 x 12 Wrapped Canvas

Heritage Makers Basic Template Banner Family

Banner Family by Roxanne Buchholz (136998) – iPad Mini Snap Case

Heritage Makers Beautifully Basic Magnet Template

2017 Beautifully Basic by Brooke Mehr (142514) 5 x 7 Magnets (Pkg of 4)

Heritage Makers Basic Template Circle Dot Baby Girl

Circle Dot Baby Girl by Brooke Mehr (137091) – 8 x 10 Wood Print

Heritage Makers Basic Template Happiest Place On Earth

The Happiest Place on Earth by Rebecca Christensen (136696) – 11 x 14 Print

getting started

Note that you can easily upgrade to Premier or Club HM at any time to expand to use the Premier artwork and templates for more variety and options.  However there are hundreds of basic art work and templates to use in Studio U if you wish to start out or remain on Basic for periods of time.

Before getting started in Studio time, we also touched base on a couple of new Premier templates that were created by Kelsey Britton that we love that are perfect for Youngevity business tools!  Check out these fun and functional templates that you can customize for your own business applications as a Distributor with Youngevity.

5 x 5 Die Cut Cards

This is a 5 x 5 Die Cut Card that come in packs of 12.  It is perfect to gift locket charms for your team member’s level promotions, welcome items, or raffle winners.  Use glue dots to stick the charm in the image of the locket! What a fun idea! Charm Card (143546)

double-sided Business Cards

These double-sided Business Cards are a fantastic and adorable way for you to follow up with your friends and customers after your Youngevity Socials.  Social Followups (143624)


Geometric Photo Monogram template

To show how to customize a template, Brooke walked us through how to create a project in Studio U from start to finish using a phone case.  Starting off with the Geometric Photo Monogram template by Roxanne Buchholz (132054), Brooke customizes the template to be her own:

Heritage Makers Geometric Photo Monogram template Mint


Heritage Makers Geometric Photo Monogram template Pink

Using Heritage Makers, each project and template is 100% customizable.  Change the color, the layout, the text, the photos…select other options from any art work collection in the gallery!  See all of the details of how she customized this project to be her own and how the the personalizing process works by watching the full archived class.

Getting started isn’t as intimidating as it may seem!  Sign up for your own account, choose a project you want to create, and get started today! Remember you can always reference this class video, as well as each month’s Studio U classes.  The Classes and Tutorials link is available at the bottom of the HM webpage.

Happy Creating!

-Lisa E



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