Studio U: Card Trends

Posted: July 28, 2016 | By: Youngevity

We took a slightly different approach to Studio U this month and covered trends and how to use them when creating cards and invitations. We divided the trends into three groups: color combinations, icons, and styles. To see all the trends and projects, you can watch the recording. Here are some highlights from the class.


Color combinations are so fun to play with. When I’m feeling stuck in a design rut, I’ll find a new color palette and use it to create with. In class we listed several online resources for finding color combinations. I used a color combination I found on to create the card above. Below is the color combination.


To make creating easy, I added this image as a photo and had it on my card’s workspace so I could check papers and embellishments to see if they matched. Once I had a bunch of stuff pulled, I started designing my card. When using this many colors, you want to give some priority over others. I try and use the gallon, quart, pint concept – one color is the main color (gallon), one the secondary color (quart), and other colors are pints. This helps the card with balance too.

When it comes to identifying icons, take a quick walk down a card aisle at your local store or card store. You’ll also see lots of icons on clothing that tend to find their way into card designs. There are so many fun icons right now – pineapples, flamingos, woodland animals, unicorns, rainbows, emojis, watercolor florals, and more.

Emoji Thanks Card

Brooke created this card using emojis and text talk (another trend). Don’t you love how cute those emojis are? What is your favorite icon? Give it a try on your next card.


When it comes to styles, there are lots! Think watercolors, clean and simple designs, big and bold words/lettering, font usage. This card shows big and bold letters, which is also a graphic style that is pretty popular right now. It is so easy to do with all the alphabets in the art collections.

Well, that’s the recap. What will you use in your next card? I’d love to see, so make sure you share it on Facebook or Instagram.

Have fun creating!

– StacyC


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