Sweeter than Candy, and Fewer Calories!

Posted: January 31, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Today I hope to inspire you to create a Family Recipe Book.

We have some favorite recipes in our family. I bet you do too! At our home on your birthday you get to choose your favorite meal for dinner. During the holidays we have traditional dishes that we make every year and when guests visit we definitely have our favorites that we love to share with them. Our favorite recipes help create the comfort of home. The smells, the taste, it all brings back a flood of memories and love.










In fact, this new favorite Breakfast Casserole recipe was shared with me during a visit to Sunshine & Dave Briskie’s home last year. It’s now been enjoyed by many of our own guests and has found a special place in my newest Recipe Book that I’m creating in Snap2Finish.

Like most of you, our family has favorite recipes that have been passed down through the generations and we make these throughout the year, during special holidays, and birthdays. When I mentioned this to my friends, they  shared these with me from their recipe books.



Today you can search for a recipe online, pin it to your favorite board or even ask Alexa. But have you ever thought about pulling together all of your favorite recipes in a special cookbook to create for your family? A book that has all those favorites that help you create the comforts of home anytime you open it. You can include a picture of the dish and even the person who shared the recipe with you. You can take pictures of those hand-written recipe cards and include them too! You can have sections of the book that include all the holidays. And the best part, you can order multiple copies for everyone in your family. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What a beautiful way to share the love. Celebrate the Snap!






– Helen Watt, Brand Champion for Snap2Finish

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