Tender Tributes for your Loved Ones

Posted: February 8, 2018 | By: Lisa E

The New Year is always a great time to start new routines and try new ideas. One of the activities on my list for 2018 is to make a tribute album of the amazing women in our family who have passed away. I want to give that album to my children, grandchildren and my nieces and nephews so they may truly understand how blessed we are to have such pillars of faith in our family.

I have already started gathering stories for the book. This small sample is about my sister-in-law Kerri who died of cancer two years ago. Her daughter Jordyn wrote this about her: “My Mom was the most vibrant person I’ve ever met. Her love for people and for the Lord radiated in everything she did and set an example that I very much strive to follow. She was completely herself and even though at times wouldn’t fit into the norm, she always impacted people in a positive way and really spread the joy of the Lord. Even in her pain, she gave all credit to her Heavenly Father and really trusted that He was carrying her. She was such a beautiful and loving mother. It’s a gift to carry her legacy on to the next generation.”

How many people have had a profound, positive, life-changing impact on you? Perhaps this is the year for you to create a tribute/history album so that these stories will never be forgotten about your loved ones.

Here are a few questions to help get your started:

1) Tell a favorite story about this person’s wisdom, skill and experience.

2) What’s in their heart?

3) Share a story about the selfless love he/she has for their spouse, children, parents, friends, pets…


– Rhonda Anderson, Ambassador for Our Memories for Life

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