The Joys of Online Crops

Posted: March 11, 2020 | By: Lisa E

I host a monthly online crop. It is fun to use Zoom technology and have us all get together from the comfort of our own homes. We make friends with people all over the country and world.

I thought I would give you a peek at what we work on during these online crops as I was so inspired by these amazing women today.

One was Tricia Carleton, from Oklahoma, who worked on this book about her sister who was 5 years older. As she was typing up her sister’s life story she shared that she needed to grab a tissue. The memories are so tender and special.

Stephanie Feenstra, from Alberta, Canada was part of the crop and she was working on a very special book pictured here. She created this book for their in-laws when they celebrated 50 years of marriage. 10 years later they were tragically killed in a car accident and so Stephanie spent time on this crop sniffling as she was editing the book and adding to it as a memorial for the whole family.

Also on the online crop was Joyce Williams, from Idaho, who did a book for a brother who had liver cancer. She did this book for him when he was fighting cancer and the book has been very dear for the family.

Today I worked on my family album. I love keeping up on my memories and build a family yearbook each year. The photos are very ordinary but they are all special to me and my family. I love this simple template as it makes it so easy! It can be found in the Heritage Makers template gallery.

What story do you need to tell? Start today. It is always worth it, just keep some tissues nearby as it can be very touching as these ladies would tell you.

-Candi May, Brand Champion for Heritage Makers

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