Posted: March 16, 2020 | By: Karen Thompson

We’re proud to say that our coffee is field to cup. It means our coffee is grown in the warm Nicaraguan Rainforest – starting with our own saplings, nurturing them to fully mature plants, and hand picking the coffee just for you.

We then dry, roast, package and manage every step along the way, bringing the very best coffee in the world right to your door. We’ve taken great pains to ensure that our product meets all the certifications for specialty coffee, and we’re honored to offer the very best coffee for you to enjoy and share. But there’s more…

Be the Change Coffee

Our coffee is determined to do more than just be great coffee, it’s grown to help change the world. All proceeds from every sale of our Be The Change coffee goes to support our Be The Change Foundation. This effort encourages everyone to reach out and give back within your own community, but also partners with organizations like Make-A-Wish, the Red Cross, Catarina’s Club, The Gary Sinise Foundation, and more through our charitable giving program.

By purchasing our coffee, you’re not only choosing the world’s best field-to-cup coffee, you’re doing a world of good by helping our foundation make important changes in the lives of people both near and far—thank you!


One of our specialty coffees is Java Impact. We actually refer to this as “functional coffee”, because of the addition of special, healthy ingredients. This amazing coffee is a proprietary blend of 14 beneficial mushroom extracts – all grown and harvested in the U.S. Does it sound strange to combine mushrooms and coffee? Maybe so. But this organic coffee first and foremost—tastes like rich, wonderful coffee. No mushroom flavor! It’s actually the perfect blend of mellow and smooth for an aromatic and energizing experience, coupled with the detoxifying benefits of the mushrooms that activate our natural healing abilities.

During the month of March – you earn DOUBLE REWARDS on the Java Impact coffee. So that means you get our special GOGO pricing (Get One, Give One!), and Double Rewards to use on a future purchase. It’s a great time to try this rich and beneficial coffee!



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