Tiny Treasures

Posted: October 12, 2018 | By: Lisa E

Meet Heidi. She is my friend. She is a mom of four, married, and has a degree in geriatrics from BYU. She has a dream to write and preserve the stories of every senior citizen so that their stories can be celebrated for generations to come. I love stories about people, so I love her vision and mission to tell the stories of the greatest generation on earth. The stories of our grandparents and parents need to be told so we can learn about a time that no longer exists but is so amazing.

I love the 5.5 x 5.5 softbound book (on sale this month in both Heritage Makers and Snap2Finish) that Heidi chooses to use for her life storybooks to make it easy and affordable for seniors to be able to give a copy of their life story to all their children, grandchildren and friends.

Heidi has built a library of books at a local assisted living center. She brings much happiness to the residents there.

YGY Photo verticals Heritage Makers and Snap2Finish offer these books at $9 regularly but only $7.65 this month (15% off in October).

There are endless ideas for this “fun-size” book. If you are looking for just a fun gift check this template out:

I just love that YGY Photo offers this fun size at such an affordable price. Great for Instagram photos, vacation, birthday parties, wedding, sporting events, pets, school functions, and so much more. I hope this has inspired you to give one a try whether you follow Heidi’s example and write a life story or create a little book as a gift to remember an event. You will be putting a little treasure in the hands of someone that will greatly appreciate it I’m sure.

-Candi May
Ambassador for Heritage Makers

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