What Stood Out at Vision 2020 Convention?

Posted: September 14, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

Attending Youngevity’s annual convention provides energy, inspiration, knowledge, and connection. 2020 has been a unique year, which meant a different take on your convention experience. Vision 2020 was presented in a virtual environment with content to educate, inform, and motivate. All with options for connecting. The question then is what stood out? What kept your brain racing during quiet times? What kept replaying in your mind as you sought for how to make it a part of what you do? Not everyone took away the same things, but we hope that something stood out to you. And maybe it is part of what stood out to us.

Intention and Growth

Dr. James Rouse is all about setting your intention and the power it can bring to your life. Positivity transforms how we feel, which helps form neuropeptides for a more optimistic view. This will help us change from direct selling to direct serving and fill us with love, which makes us an incredible leader and helps us connect with others.

When it comes to growth, Michelle Poler is an expert at moving out of our comfort zone. And what better way to grow than to break through discomfort. Don’t you love this quote she shared? “The enemy of success is not failure, it’s comfort.” And how many of you have written your letter to your future self? If you haven’t, take a minute to write to your future self (one year from now is far enough in the future) that answers this question: What’s the best that can happen if the worst happens? This year may not be one where we can control the change but we can still grow and learn and be a better person this time next year.

Check out the Day 1 recap post for additional information.


Losing weight and improving your health is hard work. But listening to the Better Health Challenge team and individual winners stories were inspirational as well as motivating. They were spotlighted by Sanjeev on Day 1.

Dr. Corey Gold has always been an inspiration with his six Ironman competitions. Life threw him a loop with a cancer diagnosis. In true Dr. Gold fashion, he focused on the power of visualization, especially related to goals. He was honored at convention with the Hall of Fame Award. Talk about an inspiring person. Wow! His award was given on Day Three.

Distributor Spotlights

Each day distributors shared their thoughts on business building, joining Youngevity, and so much more. Plus, we saw those that ranked up since last convention as well as the 300 Club Qualifiers. Awards were given for Rising Star to three distributors (Day 1 and Day 2) and a new award – Corey Gold Persistence, to one distributor. So many amazing people in this company!

New Products and Offers

Convention would not be complete without new products and there were a bunch. To make it easier to see them all, the 2020 Convention New Products Now Available blog post includes images and write ups on each one.

Convention specials are a great way to get these new products and this year, you’ll earn Double Reward Points. The specials are available now through September 17, 2020 so make sure you head over to the New Products page to select the bundles and new products you want.

Special Announcement!

Breaking News! If you didn’t purchase your ticket before convention but you really want to hear all the recordings, you can now purchase a ticket that gives you access to all the recordings for $100 USD (see individual countries for the converted price). But this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. You must purchase by 11:59 PM ET Tuesday, September 22, 2020. So get your ticket now and then enjoy listening to all the great sessions so you can answer Steve and Michelle’s question: What will you do to achieve your goals?

Vision 2020 is a wrap but you can still say “I Will!”

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