Vision 2020 Convention: Day 3

Posted: September 14, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos

We started off our final day with Steve and Michelle Wallach providing a quick summary of events so far, and stressing the importance of identifying your WILL and following through on your goals after convention. What WILL you do next to make these goals happen?


We then transitioned to a very special Hall of Fame award presentation, honoring the beloved Dr. Corey Gold. With his wife and daughters by his side, this six-time Ironman triathlete fought back tears as he discussed his cancer diagnosis and the power of visualizing your goals, while expressing his gratitude to the Wallach family and Youngevity Nation for their support and friendship. Dr. Gold has impacted so many in our community with his genuine kindness. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Gold and his family every day.


Steve introduced our first speaker of the session, Drew Pearson, who spoke of rising to the top of the NFL and then persevering while waiting for that long-anticipated call from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Drew looked inward to find strength and knew he would eventually be recognized when the time was right. As his old coach Tom Landry once said, “Something constructive comes with every defeat.” Drew has taken that philosophy to heart, learning from hardship and pursuing many successful endeavors in his post-NFL career. And that’s why we’re so happy to say he was recently (and finally) selected as senior finalist of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2021. Way to go Drew!


Dr. Gold once again took center stage, touching on how he’s beat the odds with cancer so far by putting himself in the best position for the best outcome. He conveyed that when you pick a team you have to buy in 100 percent, and that you can’t let naysayers “rent space in your brain.” If you keep your head on straight and visualize what you want, the rest will follow. Shortly after, Scott and Juliette Fardulis showed us how exercise can release positive chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, giving you better health and the competitive edge to reach your goals in all areas of life. 


Alex Theis then introduced Dr. Peter Glidden, long-time naturopathic doctor and close friend of Doc Wallach. Dr. Glidden explained how the pharmaceutical industry’s practices often prevent information from reaching the general public. He believes that we get weaker as we get older if we depend solely on pharmaceutical meds alone. By contrast, his approach is designed to make your body healthier over time. In his words, “if you put diesel in a car that takes regular fuel, it won’t run right and our bodies are no different.” He emphasized that we need essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals (think 90 for Life), for our bodies to work as nature intended, and that we have the genetic potential to live 120 years. In his 33 years of practice, Dr. Glidden has learned that not all supplements are created equally. And much of this comes down to formulas and manufacturing practices. But he also told our audience that Youngevity supplements are by far the best he’s ever seen, and it’s truly hard to believe what some of his patients have overcome. That’s why, as he explained, people like he and Doc Wallach are committed to educating people on nutritional alternatives, which stimulate the body’s built-in ability to heal itself.


In a final segment of individual recognition, Carmen Osuna received the first-ever Dr. Corey Gold Persistence Award. Like so many selfless leaders in our community, she spoke highly of those who support her efforts (e.g. Dr. Gold and Dr. Arriaza), and how her persistence is driven by her need to support those who rely on her every day.

From there, Steve and Michelle left us with some parting words we can all take to heart: “Let’s get our groove on! Let US COMMIT to positive steps every day. Let’s continue to embrace the vision Doctor Wallach had 25 years ago with even more energy, and let’s carry his message into this next decade, and help as many people as possible live happier, healthier lives!”

In closing, we also want to recognize all of our 300 Club Qualifiers and Rising Star Award recipients for their outstanding work and commitment. And finally, we want to thank each and every one of you for your participation and inspiration over these remarkable three days. Your engagement was the icing on the cake! We love you all and can’t wait to see you at Convention 2021!

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