Introducing New Ranks Titles and Recognition!

Youngevity is continually exploring ways we can improve the business—whether in the form of new products and business opportunities, improved service, or changes to our Associate programs. We’re pleased to announce an improvement to our Rank Titles and Recognition Programs, effective February 1, 2017.


On February 16th, 2017, we held a webinar to explain these new changes.  The video below is the recorded version of the webinar.  If you have twenty-five minutes to sit back and have Alex, Karen, and Corey walk you through the changes in Rank Titles and the associated benefits, then this video is perfect for you. Otherwise, feel free to continue scrolling for all the infomation you need to understand about the update to our Ranks & Recognition.

Rank Titles

There are a few key reasons for the title changes. First, the vision and strategy of the company is to build something unique in our industry, combining the best of MLM, party plan, social selling, etc. Our rank titles are needed to better reflect that hybrid approach.

Second, as a growing public company, we need to be clear about who is a representative/spokesperson for the corporation, vs. who is representing their own personal business. Our rank titles were very corporate sounding and didn’t provide that clear distinction.

Finally, we believe that one of the biggest benefits we offer is the time flexibility, and our rank titles should reflect that opportunity rather than sounding like a 9 to 5 job.

After interviewing field leaders, researching, and developing several rounds of options, we landed on our new rank title plan. Our new titles will now be broken into three categories: Associate, Executive and Ambassador, each with a ranking system relevant to their level.

The Associate level progresses through four ranks. From Brand Associate through Sales and Senior Associate, each phase helps you prepare for the leadership levels in our organization.

Leadership begins with our 1 Star Executive and goes through to 5 Star Executive. These are the rising stars and established leaders in our organization.

The final category of ranks is Ambassadors. Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond represent the highest honored ranks within Youngevity.

And the title of Ambassador will be reserved for people who have achieved that rank. So instead of brand Ambassadors—our brand advocates will be called Brand Champions.

New Titles, New Pins