Al Palmiere

Posted: April 12, 2017

Al was born in the heart of the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA, within a tight-knit community known as Bloomfield; “Pittsburgh’s Little Italy.”

Raised by parents that instilled a passionate appreciation for health and nutrition while encouraging his God-given gift of artistic talent, Al went on to become an Art Director for Marriott Corporation. During this time he also trained for the Mr. Pittsburgh Bodybuilding Contest. For the last 20 Years Al focused his efforts towards a rewarding financial planning career while he and his wife, Renee, raised two beautiful children, Vinson and Valla.

Just last year, Al decided to refocus his priorities towards the things he is most passionate about: health, fitness and artistic creativity. Having a firm belief that “one should be rewarded by the fruits of their labor,” full commission and residual income has always been attractive to Al’s entrepreneurial spirit. And, much to his surprise, Youngevity became the ultimate financial planning platform to fund his lifelong dreams.

As a truth-seeker in all areas of life, Al became an avid listener of the Alex Jones Radio Show, and was introduced to Youngevity’s line of products. Coincidentally, a long-time friend, Malina Briggs had introduced Longevity as a direct sales/MLM business years ago.  Never making the connection, he phoned her after seeing Dr. Wallach on the Benny Hinn Show and she explained that Longevity had changed to Youngevity, and she went on to describe her recent success. He signed up in July and followed Dr. Corey Gold’s advice to attend the Baltimore CEO School.He has been burning up the track while staying in his lane ever since!

Al may be new to network marketing but he has honed many of the necessary skill sets necessary over the years. While partnering with SVCMD Malina Briggs and Team Aloha, he earned the number one spot on the CEO Leaderboard, and was the recipient of Youngevity’s prestigious 2015 Rising Star Award within his first seven months. Al attributes the vast majority of his meteoric rise to the upline leadership of Malina Briggs and her ability to duplicate herself in training other leaders in the business. Malina lead by example andreceived the 2014 Rising Star Award last year. Currently, Al, “The Big Kahuna,” co-hosts The Aloha Team Call live every Thursday with Malina and has been a featured guest speaker on many of Youngevity’s corporate calls.

“When you realize that Dr. Wallach’s 90 For Life formulations are the foundational fuel for the human body,” Al says, “you simply can’t live without it. The next logical step is getting the product for free by becoming an SEMD.”

Al is honored to be a frontline crusader for Dr. Wallach’s mission and he believes the legacy of his family and the nation and world depends on Youngevity’s success. And, with 90 For Life coursing through his veins, Al believes he’ll be doing ALL he can for a very long time to secure the Mission!