Bertha Rivera

Posted: April 12, 2017

I had been looking for something like this for many years, and what I learned about the company fulfilled all of my expectations.”

Building a business while taking care of her mother has been challenging, but she works hard to make things happen. She gives a lot of presentations and does her best to give quality time to her customers. She has helped her mother, who has diabetes, and many other people with their health concerns. Bringing hope to people who have given up fills her with joy. She believes that success comes when you work from the heart. Every day she feels more motivated to share the message of Dr. Wallach and change lives.

“Youngevity is not an everyday thing,” says Bertha. “It is very special, and I would like to travel to many nations and carry the 90 For Life message to every corner of the world. The Wallach family has a great spirit of humility and a lot of love for everybody. May God continue to bless them and the entire Youngevity family!”