Ashley & Duffy James

Posted: April 12, 2017

New to network marketing, Duffy and Ashley James quickly fell in love with Youngevity after hearing Dr. Glidden explain the many health benefits of science based, clinically verified wholistic nutrition. Experiencing the unsurpassed quality of Youngevity’s products convinced Duffy and Ashley that building the Youngevity’s business was a natural fit. “We jumped right in and started sharing all of Dr. Glidden’s webinars, radio show episodes and CDs with our friends and family. Everyone we came in contact with was introduced to Dr. Glidden, Dr. Wallach and Youngevity. Many people where inspired by Dr. Glidden’s message and chose to join for the health opportunity but, like us, soon realized they too needed to build the business to spread the word. Like Dr. Glidden says in all of his webinars ‘healing is easy’. Whether you joined Youngevity for the health opportunity or the wealth opportunity, growing this business is about helping people. Our team’s motto is MISSION BEFORE COMMISSION!”