November 3, 2017: Be The Change Magazine and Profiles

Posted: November 3, 2017

We have an updated version of our Be The Change Magazine to share with you! This version is
digital only, while we redesign the content for our next publication. As you know, the Be The Change magazine provides a great overview of the Youngevity business for anyone who’s new or just getting started. You’ll find great content featuring: Dr. Wallach’s mission, health and nutrition, product overview, compensation plan overview, suggestions for getting started, and of course, information on our Be The Change Foundation.


But because this is Fab Friday, we want to highlight our favorite part of the publication—field profiles! We’ve included some fabulous examples of people who are making things happen in the field, and they’re each doing it in their own way. The English edition features profiles on: Brian and Jill Roach, Hallie Redd, Paul Kroto, and Helen Watt. Our Spanish edition features profiles on: Alberto Arellano, Raul Luna, Yokasta Aquino, and Ricardo Arellano. Each profile gives just a little insight as to what these special leaders focus on, and their key tip for a successful business. We’re so appreciative that they could share some insights with us!



Check out the profiles in the links below:

Be The Change Magazine – English

Be The Change Magazine – Spanish

And as we roll out this new edition, a special thanks to the awesome Youngevity leaders featured in our most recent publication: Juan Carlos Flores & Lilia Carrillo, Richard & Roxanne Renton, Mike & Kate Battistelli, Stan & Laura Dennison, and Kelsey & Dustin Britton. Thanks for allowing us to feature you and your wonderful advice—you’re all so inspirational!