October 9, 2017 Deb Hull

Posted: October 9, 2017


“Youngevity can be the answer for so many people.”


Deb Hull came to Youngevity with a wealth of experience and skills—28 years in fact. She joined us through the partnership with Sorvana. “When I started years ago, I had tried many different careers, from nursing to teaching. You name it—I did it. But what I really wanted was to be a stay at home mom, and be there for my kids, but I wanted the income opportunity also.”


So Deb actually researched over 40 NWM businesses before choosing FreeLife (Sorvana). Making a good income was important to her but making an impact in people’s lives was more so. “This industry made both of those things possible,” she shared, “And now with Youngevity, we have this huge opportunity to really spread our wings and touch everyone!”


Deb’s kids are grown and she’s no longer a stay at home mom, but is now on the Grandmother-with-the-income-opportunity journey. And this journey continues to be both thrilling and fulfilling for her. Deb and her team enthusiastically jumped into the recent Team Challenge, having one of the first qualified teams, and winning the captain’s drawing of a Kindle Fire HD Tablet with Alexa. “When I found out I’d won, I’m surprised everyone didn’t hear me scream, I was so excited!” she said.


That same level of enthusiasm and positivity are a mainstay in her business. She’s very goal oriented, and trains her team to be the same way. She holds regular leadership meetings, and reaches out to the community as often as possible. She believes in “abundancy”. “If we all commit to working as one big family, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish,” said Deb.


The Be The Change Foundation really resonated with Deb’s family business philosophy. She shared that she’s so proud to be associated with a company that fundamentally believes in giving back to others. “You can see that the culture of the company is focused on giving back. From Doc Wallach to Steve and Michelle, Dave and Sunshine…everyone!”


If you ask Deb why her team was so successful so quickly with the Team Challenge, she tell you that it’s nothing new. She’s highly motivated by challenges, so as soon as she heard about it, within three seconds she knew who she wanted on her team, and sent out the texts to connect. As a leader, Deb set the pace, and tried to always show her team how the goals can be accomplished—and expanded! “We share lots of encouragement and follow up, and we never quit,” she said. “We achieved our goal, but didn’t stop, we kept going. We kept moving our goal further and further out. I want my people to succeed more than I do. I thrive on seeing people achieve their dreams and find their passion.”


Deb’s team, known as the A-Team (A-Abundance Team) kept their momentum going and did so well on the Team Challenge that they landed on the 1st Place list, winning the $350 gift cards! In addition to Deb, this team is comprised of: Cindy & Doug Burdick, D Aundray Brown, Rhonda & Phil Coons, and Tammy Ray. Congratulations to all of you for doing such an amazing job! But that’s not all. Three more teams from Deb’s downline, teams that she mentors, also finished in first place in their divisions! Deb happily shared: “I’m one proud mama!”


Although the Team Challenge may be over for now, if you find yourself in need of an encourager or motivator, you can always reach out to Deb. “Everyone is on the Abundance team!” she said. “I totally believe in one team, one dream. Let’s work without reproach and keep moving forward.”


Thank you Deb, for sharing your story, energy and philosophy with us. We’re so glad to have you part of the Youngevity family!