September 29, 2017 – Noreen Utri

Posted: September 29, 2017

Noreen Utri

“Build relationships, not just a sale.”

The Team Challenge is going great and finishing strong this weekend! Vice President of Distributor Relations, Alex Theis, highlighted a few of the folks from our field that are really doing an amazing job (more stories to come). “I am so proud of our awesome leaders. They are an inspiring example of what Youngevity is all about,” Alex said. So let’s read about just one of these fabulous leaders: Noreen Utri.

Noreen Utri understands the power of planting seeds and keeping an open mind about change. She’s been with the Youngevity family for about 3 years, and it was an admittedly slow start, even though her past experience in Direct Selling was pretty impressive. About 7 years ago she went to a jewelry party with a friend, and was surprised to learn that her friend made about $300 that night. She thought: “I can do this,” and was off and running, breaking records at the company, and having the distinction of earning the incentive trip in the shortest time ever. The day after she found out about the trip, the company closed its doors, and she lost it all. She and her husband had come to rely on her direct selling income for the mortgage on their home, so this was a really big jolt in their lives.

Noreen soon met Sean and Annelise Brown, and joined the ​Mialisia family​ as one of the founding distributors in Canada​. Based on her past experience, there were some understandable concerns when they joined forces with Youngevity, but Noreen saw the potential because of her health and wellness background. She just kept moving forward, doing what she knew was right—planting seeds.

And now, those seeds are taking root and producing lots of success and excitement for Noreen. She shared that after our recent Dallas Convention, things have exploded for her. “I’m doing what I do, but it’s all coming together,” she said. Since convention, there was a shift in her thinking and the way she’s offering the benefits of Youngevity.

What has primarily changed is the way Noreen is sharing the message. She said she’s using more video on social media, engaging in our services and sharing the benefits with others. She recently did a post about scoring some awesome Cold Play tickets for a great price through our services site. She’s also sharing more graphics. From just one graphic she shared recently, it generated $600 in sales off just that one item!

And now with the launch of the Saveur spice line, she’s even more excited. She’s a chef by trade, and feels like this new opportunity in our business is tailor made for her. She can’t wait to share it with people!

The corporate challenges have really worked for Noreen, pushing her to examine her business and make those shifts in her presentation style. “I’m super competitive, I love chasing after the carrot,” she shared. “But I noticed I wasn’t getting the car bonus or earning trips, and wanted to figure out why. I realized that while I have lots of customers, and I love them, what I needed to do was build a team that could order for themselves.”

So Noreen changed her messaging slightly, and the payoff has been tremendous. When she’s at a party, she informs everyone that she’s got a membership available, sort of like a Costco shopping card. She tells them with this one-time membership fee, they’ll get a packet of catalogs (that she provides) and a lifetime wholesale shopping discount. With this message and the fact that Youngevity offers such a wide variety of products, “No one says no to that offer,” she said.

Because of this shift, and the competitive opportunities of the Team Challenge and booking blitzes, Noreen has signed up twenty-five new people just this month! Amazing! She does follow up with all of her contacts, and feels there is a genuine appreciation for that gesture. “I don’t pretend to be something I’m not,” she said. “One of my mentors told me ‘we’ve been given two ears and one mouth for a reason’, and while I have no fear of opening my mouth and reaching out to people, I’m more focused on building relationships.”

Congrats, Noreen, on finding the right message that is working for you. And thanks for sharing your story and inspiring others!