September 15, 2017: Healthy Body Challenge Winners!

Posted: September 15, 2017

The definition of transformation means to change in form, appearance, nature, or character. This year at our 2017 Convention in Dallas, we were so pleased to honor four people who embody the definition of transformation. It’s not just about how they look, although those changes were impressive. It’s a much more complete transformation—mind, body and spirit. Each of these wonderful people now have a full understanding of their abilities, doing things they once thought impossible—and their future is full of health and happiness.

Do yourself a favor and watch their videos, here. Let their stories inspire you to your own transformation.

Here’s just a bit about each of them:

Healthy Body  Challenge -Lifestyle Grand Champion: Ana Preciado

One of Ana’s cousins died of cancer. Her daughter came to her, distraught, and said, “I don’t want this to happen to you.” Ana asked God to give her the strength to change her life. Ana’s cousin told her about the Youngevity products. With a leap of faith, she started taking them, and the results have Ana and her whole family so happy! She’s lost 30 pounds, she’s feeling great and living the life she wants to live.




Healthy Body  Challenge -Lifestyle Grand Champion: Duprice Tillman

Duprice was given a diagnosis of arthritis, and essentially told by his doctor to accept the inevitable. But he couldn’t accept that this was the end of his story, so he started rigorously searching for something to help him better his life. He’d had family members that died from serious health issues, and was motivated to re-make his physical situation so that he could be there for his 7-year-old son, beautiful wife and his Mother in Law, who were all relying on him. He’s now fit, strong, and can do everything he wants to do—there’s no holding him back!




Healthy Body  Challenge -Weight Loss Grand Champion: Anna Padilla

As a young 24-year-old, Anna knew there was a better life waiting for her. She started using the Youngevity products, and has lost over 86 pounds! Her digestion improved, the migraines disappeared, her energy increased, she regained normal cholesterol levels, and is able to exercise—she started boxing! Her transformation has been so inspirational to so many people. She now uses her story and example to help others.



Healthy Body  Challenge -Weight Loss Grand Champion: Maria Mavroudis

Maria suffered from Polycystic Ovary syndrome, and often used her situation and medication as an excuse for her weight challenges. She was only recently introduced to Youngevity, and in just 3 months lost 40 pounds! “Everything changed,” she said. She now loves being active with her young kids, even going to the pool. “I’m proud of who I am now”.



Thank you Ana, Duprice, Anna and Maria for sharing your journey and inspiring all of us. Youngevity Nation is so proud of you and what you represent—betterment!