Helen Watt

Posted: April 14, 2017

“At the time, Heritage Makers was in the middle of a merger with Youngevity and I went along for the ride.” Once she helped transition her team and customers into the Heritage Makers system she quickly started to learn as much as I could about Youngevity, 90 for Life and the entire product line. She feels like the access to new products was a big blessing.

“After 15 years my team had helped thousands of people with their pictures,” she says
“But we weren’t paying attention to our health. The merger with Youngevity gave us the tools to work towards a healthier lifestyle.”

Seeing her team reach their goals keeps Helen motivated and moving forward. She loves to work together, hold events, and share the opportunity with others. Her advice is to lead with passion and always be ready to learn more. And it works best if you look for opportunities to surround yourself with like-minded people.

According to Helen, her “why” has always been her family. “This business gives me the opportunity to keep my priorities straight and always put my family first. I’m able to flex my time throughout the day, week and month, so I can enjoy all the little moments which really turn out to be the big things.”