Jesse & Flora Martinez

Posted: April 14, 2017

Flora and Jesse are two of 22 siblings born into modest circumstances in Mexico. It was a hard life with no electricity, gas, or water in the house. They both started working for other people at age 11, and neither had more than a few years in school. Their parents never went to school and could not read or write.

Jesse came to the United States at age 16 and worked in restaurants, sometimes holding down two jobs and spending over 60 hours a week on the job. Flora came to the U.S. at age 23 and spent 14 years working in a factory. The two met soon after Flora arrived; they married and started a family in El Monte, California. In 1996 Jesse decided to open his own restaurant, which was very successful. He ended up opening four restaurants, and financially things were going well, but he was working 7 days a week, all day, and he didn’t have any time for family. The stress and exhaustion became overwhelming, so the restaurants were sold and the money was invested in real estate. Then came the crash and the investments evaporated. Finances got tough, and like so many other families, they used credit cards to pay the bills. They ended up over $85,000 in debt!

While looking for another business to start, a friend told them about network marketing. Flora and Jesse were receptive, because the truth was, they didn’t have the money to start another conventional business. It was a new concept and they didn’t understand how it worked at first, but everything sounded good. The people involved were making good money and had time for their kids; it was just what they were looking for. Maybe it was the way to achieve their dreams!

“We decided to try network marketing,” says Flora, “and we spent six months working it without success. We gave up. We began to believe that this kind of business was only for professional people with education, and not for us.”

Three years ago they decided to try another company. They worked hard for over a year, and did a little better, but the compensation plan was not what they expected. Then, 18 months ago, another friend told them about Youngevity, and about the awesome products and mission of Dr. Wallach. Since they were having some health problems, they decided to take the 90 For Life Challenge. After two months the couple experienced dramatic results with the products and plunged enthusiastically into the business. It was hard at first to deal with “No’s” and the fear of public speaking, but they kept at it. Little by little, with the help of their mentors, Dr. Luis and Evelia Arriaza, as well as others on the term, they began learning and growing.

“Without the team we would not be where we are now,” says Flora. “Our lives have been transformed with Youngevity. Now we have time, freedom, and believe in network marketing. No one has success without paying the price first. It’s like going to the Olympics and expecting to win a gold medal without training and preparation. I tell people this business will not be easy, but if they are passionate and follow the system, stay in the lane, and share Dr. Wallach’s message, they will achieve their dreams. If we can do it, so can they!”