Jimmy Duran

Posted: April 14, 2017

As an electrician, Jimmy Duran never dreamed he would one day be enjoying luxury vacations, car bonuses, fantastic monthly earnings, and meeting lots of wonderful people from all over the U.S. Then he met Dr. Luis Arriaza and everything changed.

“I was working with another electrician,” reports Jimmy, “who had been with the same company for 35 years. One day he told me how much he earned and it was not very impressive. I wanted to do better. Now, after just a few months with Youngevity, I make 3-4 times what my co-worker makes and I feel very blessed!”

Jimmy is very grateful to Dr. Arriaza, who spent considerable time and effort to help him get started. Even though he is five generation levels below his upline mentor, Jimmy received important leadership training that put him on a fast track in the business.

“At first, the coding bonus really caught my attention,” explains Jimmy, “but then I listened to Dr. Wallach and tried the products. I got really excited about what I could do with this great company!”

Jimmy focuses on letting people know how they can start a business and get their money back right away. He urges people to try the 90 For Life products and also Liver Detox. Then he encourages them to invite three people to a meeting, where he can explain how easy it is to build a business in Youngevity.

He has a big vision for the future—he wants to get 20 of his team members earning $10,000 a month. Personally he is shooting for $60-80K in earnings per month so he can afford his dream of owning a BMW, a house in Newport Beach, a mountain home, and of course, taking more luxury vacations!