Jon Bennett

Posted: April 16, 2017

Jon was involved with Biometics for 12 years before the company was acquired by Youngevity. He loves being part of the Youngevity family because it is so fulfilling to earn an income by genuinely helping other people. “Everyone wants to make a difference in their lifetime,” says Jon. “If you have amazing products that really help people, you feel an obligation to get the word out.”

Jon attributes his success to the ability to grow his business with non-traditional methods such as Internet marketing. “When you add the personal touch and follow up, it becomes really amazing!”

After hitting SVCMD in 22 days, Jon’s next goal is to consistently hit $1 million per month in volume. His Youngevity income has totally transformed his life. “I get to wake up daily and do what I love,” he says. “I can pay my bills and I have a bright financial future. I love the fact that I can take lots of time off my business and it still runs like clockwork. I am just thankful to be with a company that allows me to use my skills.”