Laura Scruby

Posted: April 16, 2017

Laura was born in London, England, lived in Italy from age four, and came to the United States when she was 21. Her mother was from the Northern part of Italy and Laura grew up eating farm-rich food from volcanic soils and enjoying old world cuisine. When she came to the U.S. she was horrified to discover that the common denominator in most foods was grease, salt, sugar, and artificial colorings. “In time I learned that high quality foods are available,” she says. “I just had to spend more time locating the stores where it could be found.”

In 1993 Laura heard Dr. Wallach’s message about the importance of colloidal minerals and it totally hit home because she had believed from her teens that good nutrition had an impact on one’s future health. As she listened to Doc speak about minerals lacking in our foods, the light bulb turned on, because she could compare the foods she grew up with to the “depleted” foods she found in American supermarkets.

Laura has been promoting Dr. Wallach at Portobello Natural Health since the 90’s. She’s very thankful to be able to spread the word in her small way and for the many customers she has been able to help who have touched her life.

“I’ve always had the highest esteem for Doc Wallach,” she says. “I find his energy and persistence very inspiring and it motivates me to work harder.

What has this business meant for Laura? It has helped her support her family for the last 20 years and has given her a chance to support local charter schools that are privately funded. She loves being part of the Youngevity family and plans to continue for as long as needed to help Doc spread the word.