Laurette Willis

Posted: April 16, 2017

Originally from New York City where she was an actor, playwright and improvisational comedienne, Laurette Willis and her husband Paul now live on a ranch they call “The Prayer Farm” in the Ozark Foothills of northeastern Oklahoma.

Laurette came to Youngevity through Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin in June 2014. As a published author, interviewer, and Founder of the global Fitness Ministry, Laurette says that Doc Wallach’s “90 for Life” message fit perfectly with her desire to empower people to achieve optimum health and fitness in spirit, soul and body.

“The Youngevity products are amazing—a true answer to prayer for many—and the financial benefits are also a blessing,” Laurette said recently. “In ministry, any money received often goes right back into the ministry to help others. The additional income we receive from Youngevity has given us more choices: getting some things fixed around the house, becoming debt-free, dreaming bigger, and being able to give more—it’s exciting, especially knowing we’re helping others do the same thing!”