Lilia Carrillo Vazquez

Posted: April 16, 2017

“It was quite a challenge at first when very few people were familiar with the products,” she says. “But that’s changing now, and Youngevity is benefitting thousands of families! I really appreciate the company’s commitment to research and what Dr. Wallach has given to us. He truly thought of us before we thought of him.

Network Marketing provides us with a fabulous opportunity because it gives us the chance to be as successful as we are willing to work for. There are no limits. The more you work, the higher the earnings. The possibilities are endless because we have the best products on the market and a superior compensation plan. If you’re just starting out in Youngevity, I invite you to fall in love with the company!”

According to Lilia, commitment, focus, and persistence are the keys to success. There are no shortcuts, but unlike a conventional job, your hard work in this business will be reflected in your earnings. She says you will also meet wonderful people who will teach you many things.

“I would like to help Youngevity to become known as a leading Hispanic business and a vehicle to achieve the American Dream. I would like to travel throughout México to recruit leaders who will carry Dr. Wallach’s message to every corner of the country. Sharing health and wealth through Youngevity is a great way for me to leave the world a better place!”