May 19, 2017

Posted: May 23, 2017

Louise Adrian

Louise Adrian has been in our industry for 26 years, and the one thing she’ll tell you is the key to success—consistency. She’s been doing trainings on the web, putting out fun contests and challenges for her team, and is always willing to share her training with others.

Right now, Louise is focusing on a 7 Day Business Strategy for some of her team. Again pointing to consistency, she encourages them to:

  1. Create a positive post on Facebook
  2. Create a business post on Facebook
  3. Do customer service calls
  4. Book an event or social
  5. Book a personal shopping event
  6. Set up a sponsoring appointment
  7. Join a Facebook group for a hobby you love

When her team achieves the challenges she puts in front of them, she holds a drawing to reward them. She feels strongly that you don’t need to spend all day to work your business effectively if you just remember to be consistent. It’s working for her: Louise’s QV in April was more than double what it was in March! She’s also busy writing a script for holding socials outside of Facebook, and does coaching appointments as well.

But on Wednesdays? Well, those are “Nana Wednesdays”, and she gets to spend them with her Grandson. We bet they both love the consistency of that.