May 26, 2017

Posted: May 26, 2017

No Fear Rhinos Team

When teams are formed, they come together for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s a mutual interest, relationships or maybe location. And sometimes, teams come together because a deadline is approaching—and it works out wonderfully! That’s exactly what happened with the No Fear Rhinos Team during our Team Challenge event.

Lily Carrillo, one of the Team Leaders, shared how it all came together. She said that on the day of the deadline to form teams, she and Juan Carlos Flores were busy with the organization of an event in Chihuahua featuring Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza and Steve & Michelle Wallach, and were understandably distracted with the event. They noticed on the official Facebook page that they had until 11:00 p.m. to form a team—so they quickly and randomly pulled one together! Guillermo Serrano was at the event, so they asked him to join them. They also added in Alfredo Garibay and Christian Chinchillas who were in Chihuahua, and finally, they connected with Benito Reyes who was starting strong in the business and voila—at 10:40 p.m., 20 minutes before the deadline, the No Fear Rhinos Team was formed.

It turned out to be a fantastic combination of people, and the No Fear Rhinos team took first place in the Top Flight Division in the Team Challenge! We recently spoke with the team to understand the key to their success.

What was the biggest factor in your success as a team?

Juan Carlos Flores: From the very beginning, we prepared ourselves to win. We’ve adopted a culture of achievement and winning, and as a group we always aim for the best, trying to achieve the highest goal available to us.

Christian Chinchillas: We always had our goals top of mind. And the key to it all was great communication we had as a team.

Alfredo Garibay: A very important factor was the leadership of Lily and Juan Carlos. They set up a chat for all of us, and constantly kept us informed. They asked if there was anything we needed, if we had questions, if we were lacking something, or where we needed support. The fact that they were so available to us was very encouraging and motivating. And the fact that the event where we formed as a team was held in Chihuahua was so inspiring—it made us take action! This is why we won!


What did you get out of this experience? Did you step outside your comfort zone?

Guillermo Serrano: I learned that when you surround yourself with people that have a positive mindset and a winning attitude, your level of performance increases. We are people that are self-driven and proactive. Lily and Juan Carlos are the best of the best. They have helped us increase our level of performance and have given us the tools to do so. I would say that being surrounded by the right people is key.

Christian: The fact that it was a challenge made us perform the best we could. Great leadership inspired us to bring the best of our abilities to the table. It created a sense of urgency in all of us.


How has the Team Challenge impacted your future success?

Lily: The fact that we overcame this challenge gives us assurance that we can overcome future challenges. It still hasn’t quite sunk in how big this challenge was and what it fully means. We competed against great teams. Youngevity has awesome Distributors that have been with the company for several years now, and the fact that our team is quite young and outside the U.S.A, gives us hope.

This challenge made us realize that we are on the right track for success, and we get rewarded to perform well and basically do our jobs! We are now even more motivated to share Dr. Wallach’s message. We have people that are truly committed. It took us out of our comfort zone, but it was all worth it, when you are able to share and inspire others. Our biggest reward is being able to tell others in our families and communities that you CAN win, that you CAN succeed, when you set your mind to it.


What was your favorite thing about the challenge?

Juan Carlos: The fact that we were given the freedom to perform with our own strategies. Being able to see the scores daily was encouraging and motivating. We were able to see our rank in real time, so we would talk amongst ourselves and discuss what we needed to do. We thought about it like a chess game: each day we would move different pieces, creating different strategies.


And finally, what was the most fun?

Lily: I wasn’t someone who would have my plans in order, so taking ownership and having control over my growth in this challenge gives me courage to achieve even greater things!

Guillermo: When you have a competition mindset, you find fun in the very act of competing. There is an effort to everything you do, but when you are passionate, it becomes fun and exciting. There was a time during the challenge that another team was above us for a while, and the fact that one of our team members, Benito, was “all hands on deck” and performing impressively, was a very important factor in the success of us all!


The No Fear Rhinos team may have had a random beginning, but their committed, energized and consistent performance proved that they were a team that was simply meant to be together. With great leadership, and surrounding themselves with passionate competitive people, they worked impressively as a team to achieve their goals—obtaining the results they were aiming for.  As Juan Carlos shared: “It’s all about the right mindset with the right people.”

Congratulations No Fear Rhinos Team! Fantastic performance in the Team Challenge!